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Have You Been The Victim of A Burn Injury?

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Burn Injury Basics

Burn injuries resulting from personal injury accidents are serious and significant. These injuries can occur in any of the following situations:

• Car accidents can result in burns when fuel leaks or air bags are defective.
• Defective products resulting in explosions which injure innocent bystanders.
• Negligent storage of chemicals, products, or other fire sensitive agents can result in burns.
• Medical malpractice in which lasers cause serious burns.

According to The American Burn Association, in 2013 there was an estimated 450,000 burn injuries that required medical treatment. Of the 3,400 deaths involving burns, 2550 resulted from home or residential fires, 300 from vehicle accident fires, and 550 from sources other than these. Hospitalization was required in 40,000 burn injuries, including 30,000 at burn centers.These situations as well as many others, can have lasting effects that impact a person’s physical and emotional well-being. These situations need to be treated with importance and sensitivity.

Types of Burns and Treatment

Different types of burns are categorized into three degrees based on seriousness.
First degree burns are the least serious of burns. This type of burn affects only the outer layer of the skin. These burns are accompanied by redness, swelling of the affected area, and are often painful. The recommendation is treating first degree burns as a minor burn unless it involves a majority of the feet, hands, groin area, face, buttocks, or a joint.


Second degree burns involve both the outer layer and second layer of skin being affected by burn. This type of burn is a more serious burn in which blisters can form, involve reddening of the skin (sometimes with blotchy appearance) and intense pain that can include swelling. The medical recommendation is to find emergency medical attention for burns greater than 3 inches. It is not recommended to apply ice or cold water, or to try to break the blisters.


Finally, the most serious of burns are third degree burns and involve all layers of the skin, resulting in permanent tissue damage. These areas could be black and charred looking, or white or clear in appearance. In the most severe burn cases, deep muscle, fat or even bone can be affected.It is very important that all third degree burns receive emergency medical attention to avoid further damage and pain.

It is very important to seek attention at a burn center if any of the following apply:

•Third degree burns (the most serious)
•Electrical burns
•Partial thickness burns greater than 10% total body
•Chemical burns
•Burns involving inhalation
•Burns involving people with medical conditions that are preexisting
•Burns on elderly people or very young children


If you have been the victim of an accident that left you with serious burns seek appropriate medical attention and make sure to document your injuries. Call The Scranton Law Firm as soon as possible and our legal team can help you every step along the way to recovery.


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