Join a respected, winning team with over 45 years of experience.

Why Scranton Law? Our Work Culture

Scranton Law Firm has been in business for over 45 years. The firm has been passed down from father to son, and continues to thrive and enjoy a reputation as a reliable, genuine, well-established law firm throughout California. We’re known for standing up for the underdog and fighting for the legal rights of the little guy.

Our employees and clients alike value our stability, security and reliability above all.

With decades of experience under our collective belt, Scranton Law Firm operates like a well-oiled machine. We’ve tried and tested every one of our methods and processes over several years to ensure consistent results that are leagues away from the chaos that reigns at legal startups. We only employ talented individuals that are eager to do right by our clients so we can rest assured that our values are being put into practice each and every day.

We may be well-established but always welcome new ideas and refuse to get stuck in our ways. To us, our experience helps us judge the best way to move forward and when to implement new concepts. Scranton Law Firm strikes that elusive balance between tried-and-tested tradition and open-mindedness to create a team of agile professionals that can think for themselves as well as relying on a wealth of experience.

Our clients come first. Always.

Most of us pursue a career in personal injury law out of a drive for justice. Simply put, we want to help people. We want to ensure that our clients feel like they’re in good hands, and that they get every dollar they deserve at the end of their case. Sadly, the reality of working in personal injury law firms can be vastly different to those dreams we cultivated during our studies. It’s all too easy to end up in a role at a law firm that cuts corners and doesn’t go that extra mile for their clients. Not only does this approach lead to less-than-optimal results for the client, it’s also demoralizing for those personal injury lawyers that genuinely want to help the little guy.

At Scranton Law, we always put our clients first. We establish their needs and the best possible scenario for them before we proceed with any personal injury case. Many of us have experienced personal injury first hand so know how stressful this time in our clients’ lives is. From offering video consultations and in-person visits wherever our clients are based to providing free, unbiased, no-obligation legal advice — we do everything in our power to empower prospective clients.

After decades of living this philosophy on a daily basis, we have earned a reputation for being honest, helpful and genuinely caring. We truly believe in our mission to fight for the underdog, no matter how big our opponent. We’ve taken class action lawsuits up against giant corporations and only stop working for our clients when we’re convinced we’ve achieved the best possible outcomes for them.

If that sounds like the kind of firm you’d like to work for, then you sound like our kind of people.

Our people matter to us.

We didn’t get where we are today as a firm by treating people as a disposable commodity. We have an excellent track record at retaining top-quality staff because we value our team and their commitment to our cause. We are passionate about providing a great environment to begin, establish and further your legal career.

No matter which industry or sector you work in, it can be difficult to work out which workplace will be a good fit. Many law firms claim to have company cultures with vague promises like flat hierarchies, competitive wages and a positive work environment but provide no further details. At Scranton Law, we have a clear mission that we all work towards as a team, bringing us closer together as professionals and as people. This rewarding sense of pursuing a calling and genuinely doing the best for our clients gives us a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in our jobs that’s hard to beat.

We also encourage a healthy work-life balance, often spending time together outside of work to enjoy our hobbies. What’s more, we offer hybrid working for our employees with up to two days per week remote so you can flexibly work around your schedule as well as make the most of your free time without the daily commute.

Working in Concord, California

Are you looking to begin or advance your legal career in California? Whether you’re fresh out of college or an experienced lawyer familiar with the quirks of California law, Concord is a great base for the next step in your legal career. It’s also the best possible place to offer our clients as much accessibility as possible thanks to its central location and excellent road links to the rest of the state. If you’re planning on relocating to further your legal career, Concord is a great town close to San Francisco and the Bay Area with a much more affordable cost of living. It’s a quiet town with plenty to offer, and you’ll be surrounded by a welcoming team happy to show you around.

California law has some particular quirks that may take some getting used to. We are an at-fault tort state that practices comparative negligence, so some out-of-state personal injury attorneys and legal support staff may not be familiar with our legal systems. As a proudly local law firm, we pride ourselves on knowing our state’s laws inside out — so if you want to pursue a legal career in California after practicing or studying elsewhere, we are happy to invest our time in ensuring you’re well versed in local regulations.

Our state has a huge Spanish-speaking population, and is home to the second biggest Spanish-speaking community after New Mexico. Spanish skills are therefore a huge plus when working in California. Some cases require minimal Spanish knowledge, while the background work for other cases must be carried out almost entirely in Spanish. We always want to make things as easy as possible for our clients, so Spanish language skills are a major plus when looking to fill a job opening.

Our Roles and Departments

Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury attorneys are the cornerstones of our business. We want people that really share our core values and are eager to stand up for the underdog. We always put our clients before profits, before ourselves, before everything. And we need lawyers that embody this philosophy so we can continue to represent the little guy for many more decades to come.

Our lawyers can expect to spend their days guiding our clients through their cases and keeping them involved at every juncture — transparency is key. As well as the day-to-day management of litigation cases and attending court hearings, trials and more, you can expect to thoroughly investigate each case. We allow you enough time to delve into every last detail so that no corners are cut. Our priorities are quality work, client satisfaction and the best possible outcome to make a real difference to our client’s lives.

Legal Assistants

As a client-focussed law firm, our legal assistants provide our most valuable link between our legal work and our clients. Not only do our assistants compile bills, reports and other records, they also prepare case overviews for our attorneys and negotiate case settlements, keeping meticulous case files at all times. Outside of our team, they interact with existing and potential clients every day — in person as well as via phone and email, acting as true ambassadors of Scranton Law Firm and our philosophy.

Litigation Paralegals

Our paralegals are cunning sleuths that leave no stone unturned as they prepare cases for trial. They spend their time drafting and filing litigation documents, organizing correspondence and calendars, and communicating with multiple parties involved in their cases. They also conduct ruthless investigations and research so they can pass on valuable information to get our clients every dollar they deserve.

Case Coordinators

Our case coordinators are integral to the personal injury case process here at Scranton Law. We have two different case coordinator roles:

Case Coordinators – Litigation

Not only can you expect to spend your days ordering and following up on police reports, medical bills, property damage estimates and other supporting documents, our litigation coordinators are also responsible for composing, editing and sending out correspondence. As a law firm, we value transparency at all times. Our clients feel more at ease when they are guided through their cases with all the information they require to feel empowered as they regain control over their lives, so we need you to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Case Coordinators – Presuit

Our presuit coordinators need to be technically minded as they spend a lot of time using case management software. Good organization and document management is essential to a smooth personal injury case, and our coordinators are our bastions of order. Whether it’s submitting check requests, dealing with communication or managing requests from legal assistants and attorneys, you can expect a varied day with plenty of diverse tasks in this role.

Support Staff

Our support staff are the ones that keep the show running behind the scenes. From marketing to administrative tasks to greeting clients at our office reception, these essential jobs keep Scranton Law running smoothly.

Applicant FAQs

What if there are no suitable job openings for me?

We always welcome speculative applications for any of our roles. If you feel like you’d be a good fit at Scranton Law, we want to hear from you.

Will I be working at the office every day?

As most of our clients have suffered a personal injury of varying degrees, we always offer the option of an in-person visit or conference call for our consultations. Because we operate all across California, getting to our head office may be immensely difficult for someone that has just undergone a life-changing injury or that is still in recovery. Many of our employees therefore spend a lot of time on the road to ensure that our legal expertise is accessible to all of our clients, no matter their personal situation. However, you will always have to spend a few days in the office to touch base and to ensure we all work together well as a team.

We also offer our staff the option of working some days remotely from home. This not only helps our teams plan their consultation visits more conveniently, it also encourages a better work-life balance to support our employees’ health and wellness.

Does the firm work on a contingency fee basis?

Scranton Law’s ethos is that every injured person should have access to reliable legal advice from a law firm without an agenda. In fact, our consultations always involve providing the client with all the information they need if they wish to pursue their legal claim independently. We genuinely want to help any personal injury victim that approaches us, no matter their situation. That’s why we always work on a contingency fee basis and never charge for consultations.

What sectors does Scranton Law cover?

We focus on personal injury law but our cases have spanned a number of different sectors. We have gone up against defendants ranging from private individuals to local governments and large corporations in small cases right through to class action lawsuits. As long as we’re standing up for the little guy within a personal injury case, anything goes.

What is the team spirit like at Scranton Law?

We believe that the age of stuffy, overly formal law firms is over. Lawyers can have fun, too. Many of us at Scranton Law Firm are avid thrill seekers, with motorbiking, surfing, sky diving, sailing and diving among our many passions. We often get together outside work hours to indulge in our hobbies together.

What if I don’t live near the office?

If you live elsewhere in California and would like to move closer to Scranton Law to become part of our team and further your legal career, we are always on hand to help with your transition. We’re always willing to show new team members around our home turf. If you’re new to the area, our friendly team will be more than happy to recommend great places to eat as well as stunning local scenery for a hike or bike ride.
Alternatively, our hybrid working model means you could work remotely for up to two days a week so you could commute over a greater distance.

Are there any other perks I should know about?

We offer medical, dental and vision insurance for all our employees.

Are there any skills that might give me the edge in my job application?

As a client-led personal injury law firm, we look out for strong communication skills — you need to be able to put a client at ease and let them know they’re in good hands. You will also have to work with other team members as well as external resources to gather evidence, negotiate and/or prepare cases, so interpersonal skills are key. Some technical skills are required as well, as we spend a lot of time using case management software. You don’t have to be a tech wizard, just proficient in using complex software and excellent at organizing your work so that other team members can refer to it easily.

Above all, when looking for new team members, we always want to make sure our goals align. If you want to use your role to genuinely help people and fight for justice on behalf of the little guy, you’ll fit in just fine.

Fair, helpful and great communication. They walked me through the whole process and made sure I was taken care of. Would highly recommend to friends and family.


Please please give these guys a call if you are in need. They work for you, not themselves, I should know.


Great law firm. They work really hard to get you what you deserve. I was so glad to have them on my side.



We believe that our team members are our key asset. We are looking to fill our job openings with talented people that not only want to pursue their own career goals but also help the rest of Scranton Law achieve our aims. We want to find long-term team members to join our firm and really get behind our ethos of fighting for the legal rights of the underdog. If this sounds like you, get in touch.