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Avoid Motorcycle Accidents This Winter

by admin

No one enjoys when Mother Nature ruins your motorcycling fun in the winter. Luckily, you can still ride in the winter and stay safe by following some key recommendations. Here are five tips to avoid motorcycle accidents in the winter months.

1. Check those tires

Cold weather causes cold tires; cold tires result in reduced traction. Thus, it’s necessary to be extra vigilant about your tires in the winter. Check your tire pressure before every ride. Purchase quality tires with sufficient tread; this is especially important in the winter months.

2. Watch the weather forecast

This should be an obvious tip, but make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out. Knowing the estimated temperatures and potential weather threats will help you prepare.

3. Dress appropriately and in layers

A strong wind can quickly plummet your body temperature from chilly to dangerously cold. Besides putting you at risk for frost-bite and hypothermia, being exceptionally cold while you ride can make you more prone to making a mistake and getting in an accident. Layers are the best bet for staying warm. Start with tight, heat-trapping long sleeve shirts and pants. Add a sweatshirt or fleece to this, then top off with your outerwear. Outerwear should be breathable, sturdy, and waterproof. Consider wearing bright colors to stay noticeable in low-visibility conditions.

4. Beware of Black Ice

Black ice is notoriously hard to spot; it forms when the temperature is near 32 degrees. If the roads are generally dry, but you spot patches that look darker and shiny, it may be black ice. Avoid these areas at all costs.

5. If Conditions Get Bad, Head Home

If snow begins falling heavily, the wind becomes especially strong, or these two forces combine, don’t take a risk. Go home. Snow can accumulate quickly and create dangerous roads. When the temperature lingers near freezing, conditions are prime for icy and slick conditions.

Riding in the winter requires extra precautions, but it can be done. We at Scranton Law Firm hope you stay safe and enjoy riding this winter. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, call us at 1-800-400-8742 or contact us here.

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