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Your Personal Injury Lawyer for Spine Injuries in California

by Christian Scranton

There are so many different ways you can injure your spine. Maybe you fell at work or while out shopping, or were injured as a result of a car accident. No matter how your personal injury occurred, we know that dealing with a spine injury of any severity is a very stressful matter.

Among the most expensive and complicated injuries, spine injuries are exactly the kind of personal injury that the public should be suitably protected from. If your spinal injury was the result of somebody else’s carelessness, you may have a personal injury case.

Let’s say you fell at a climbing wall due to faulty equipment. The operator of the climbing wall has a legal obligation to make sure that their equipment is safe, and you should be able to rely on that. If their facility wasn’t safe for you, then it isn’t safe for anyone. And legal action could help prevent similar injuries in future. On the other hand, if the equipment was faulty due to a product defect, the manufacturer must be held responsible to ensure that more climbers aren’t put at risk due to the same fault. A personal injury case will draw attention to the issue or issues that allowed you to become injured in the first place.

Aside from the greater good, there are plenty of personal reasons why you may want to pursue a legal case regarding your personal injury. Spinal injuries can be very serious and have severe long-term complications. You have to consider the financial impact of these consequences on your life. You may need back surgery, which can be very costly. Even if your injury doesn’t require such invasive medical treatment, you may still need to hand over your hard-earned dollars to cover physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or domestic help so you can keep on top of things during your recovery. All of these expenses add up, and we believe it’s unfair for the victim to be left to shoulder this burden alone if someone could and should have prevented their injury.

If you feel that your spinal injury meets the criteria for a personal injury case, use our free online quiz to work out if you have a case. Our lawyers will be happy to meet you face to face throughout California, whether you’re based in Sacramento, Concord, San Jose, East Bay, Napa, Stockton or Redding. We can even arrange a video call if you would feel more comfortable with this format.

Most of our cases are settled before you have to set foot in a courtroom. This means you can potentially avoid the additional stress associated with a court case while still feeling confident that you will receive the best treatment and representation possible.

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