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Your Personal Injury Lawyer for Dog Bites in California

by Christian Scranton

We are a nation of dog lovers. Around 85 million families in the US have a pet, with the vast majority of these opting for man’s best friend. Nearly 40% of California households have at least one pet pooch. These little rascals can bring so much joy into our lives, but they need careful training and can be a lot of work.

All dogs have the ability to bite if in the right (wrong) situation. If a dog feels that their owner is threatened, for example, a beloved family pet can quickly turn into a fearsome guard dog and scare off a home intruder. This can be a great asset, and one of the reasons humans have kept dogs for thousands of years. However, dogs can sometimes get the wrong end of the stick and firmly believe they or their humans are in grave danger when this simply isn’t the case. A dog owner should know their dog’s limits and manage these to ensure everyone’s safety.

Dog owners have a moral and legal responsibility to make sure that their pets do not impact another person’s wellbeing in any way. Whether that’s damage to their property or, even worse, physical injury. If a dog has behavioral problems, it is the owner’s responsibility to seek treatment to try and remedy this. If they believe that their dog could be a hazard to other people, precautions should be taken, e.g. keeping the dog on a leash in public spaces or having the dog wear a muzzle.

Dog bites can be very serious injuries. As dogs descend from predatory wolves, they have powerful jaws and sharp canine teeth. It’s not uncommon for the teeth to pierce the skin and cause serious bleeding as well as tissue damage. Bites from any animal can result in infection, or even the transmission of disease such as rabies. This can have very serious consequences, from mild discomfort to serious fever or even sepsis.

Dog attacks can involve other injuries alongside biting. Dog claws can be very sharp, and a canine’s powerful limbs can easily push an adult over onto the ground or into a dangerous object. Concussion is another possible injury sustained in a dog attack.

Whether you have suffered a dog attack injury due to an owner losing control of a dog, a business failing to protect you from a guard dog or a dog being used in a violent attack, Scranton Law Firm can help. We would seek compensation for your medical bills, loss of earnings and other practical financial matters but also your pain, suffering and the psychological impact of the incident. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your injury were, we are available to assess your case free of charge across California. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation with you in person or via video—just contact our team today.

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