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Your Personal Injury Lawyer for Back Injuries in California

by Christian Scranton

No matter how severe or long-lasting, a back injury can be life-changing. Depending on how serious your personal injury was, you may experience anything from a few niggling pains to a life-altering disability.

It’s vital that you see a doctor after a suspected back injury. Even if you’re not sure how bad your injury is, it can really help your case if you have medical records to prove what your medical situation was immediately after your accident. See our article on chiropractic care  to find out why it may also help your case to have a chiropractor examine your back for any hidden damage that may not be noticeable right away.

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After a back injury, it’s essential that you follow doctor’s orders and concentrate all your efforts into  your recovery. This may sound idealistic, as there are of course still bills to be paid, work to be done and maybe even children to take care of. It’s not as if the laundry will magically clean itself so you can take it easy. This may mean that you need to get some domestic help during your recovery: another expense alongside time off work and medical bills.

As back problems have such a tendency to cause lingering issues over a number of years, you may want to consider investing in long-term physiotherapy, chiropractic care or even some home equipment so you can prevent any further exacerbation of the damage caused as a result of your personal injury.

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All of this can add up. The financial burden of taking time off work to recuperate, coupled with medical bills, painkiller prescriptions and any other costs associated with a back injury, can take its toll on personal injury victims. Some people who have suffered back injuries may not even be able to continue doing their jobs in the way they used to.


No matter how you were injured, if someone is to blame for not preventing your back injury, Scranton Law is here for you. We have extensive experience in representing clients with all kinds of back and spine injuries. Based in California, our law firm knows what it takes to get the settlement a personal injury client deserves. Our owner, Chris Scranton, is an avid thrill seeker, having tried his hand at surfing, sky diving and sailing alongside his passion for motorcycles. As a result, he’s more than familiar with injury and recovery. So you can rest assured that Scranton Law Firm understands your situation and is on your side. Contact us today to arrange a face-to-face consultation or video call to discuss your case.

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