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What Is Pain and Suffering?

by Christian Scranton

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury, you may be considering a personal injury lawsuit or settlement to cover the expenses you have incurred due to the accident. But injuries can often affect us in unexpected ways, and you may be able to get compensation for this too.

Medical expenses are often the first consideration when it comes to compensation to cover the costs of a personal injury. You can provide a stack of receipts to prove just how much the incident has impacted you financially, but it’s much harder to quantify how much it has affected you on a personal level. Pain is an unpleasant sensation, and severe pain can be quite traumatizing. You may need to take pain medication to manage your pain levels, which often comes with side effects. Even recovery can be a painful ordeal if you require surgery or extensive physiotherapy to regain full movement and ability.

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Many people experience low mood after an accident, no matter how minor it may seem at first. Even if you are still able to walk and get around much as before, you may be plagued by aches or stabbing pains when carrying out your normal daily activities. Aside from the obvious physical pain, this has a considerate impact on mental health. It can be very stressful to deal with the consequences of someone else’s actions every hour of the day when you yourself did nothing wrong. You may not be able to fully enjoy your hobbies or carry out your job as usual, leaving you worried about your career.

Many personal injuries happen very suddenly, as is the case with road accidents. This sudden jolt out of the normal flow of our everyday lives can be a real shock, leading to a physical and mental stress response. It may take a while for the body and mind to calm down and heal after a shock like this, all while causing symptoms such as irritability and insomnia.

All of this falls under the legal term “pain and suffering”. At Scranton Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers take into consideration not just how your injury has impacted you in a financial and material sense, but also how your quality of life has been affected. We consider all the negative impacts of your personal injury, so anything unpleasant that has happened to you as a result of the other party that you otherwise would not have experienced. We also consider things that you may not be able to do in future if your injury has permanent or long-lasting effects. We look at the bigger picture—with you, as a multifaceted human being, in the centre. We care about all the ways your injury has affected you and will give our all to represent these in your case so you can feel good about the outcome.

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