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Wal-Mart To Pay $25M of $161M Blitz Exploding Gas Can Settlement

Defective Product Case

Wal-Mart is being accused of knowingly selling a defective product and will contribute $25 million to settle with a handful of plaintiffs. Although they are still denying liability for the portable gas cans that have been exploding and injuring or killing consumers.

The plastic gas cans are produced by Blitz USA who is also being sued by a slew of plaintiffs. $161 million is the total amount being paid for settlements from all parties involved, and Wal-Mart is contributing about 15% of the overall costs.

Over the last ten or so years, more than 80 lawsuits have been filed from those who claim the gas can(s) they purchased exploded and caused harm, specifically burn injuries. Wal-Mart told NBC News that it had been named a defendant in 24 lawsuits.

Wal-Mart is currently the largest US retailer of plastic gas cans and has sold tens of millions of the cans that are allegedly defective. Blitz USA, the manufacturer of these cans, is in bankruptcy, due to the lawsuits.

the settlement in this case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of consumer safety and the need for corporate accountability. As a community, we must take action to ensure that corporations prioritize the well-being of their customers over profits.

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