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The Danger of Travel over the Holiday Season

by admin

Increase In Car Accidents During The Holidays , we often travel in our automobiles to visit family and friends. There are several things to consider when you plan on driving to your various holiday celebrations. The weather is often unpredictable during this season, so roads can often be slick and hazardous from snow, rain or ice. Also consider that many other people are planning to travel so the roads will be more congested than usual. These factors along with driver distraction, which has become very common due to cell phone use, such as texting and driving. Impaired driving which increases over the holidays as people often find themselves “over celebrating” and driver inexperience with various road conditions and long distance driving. Any of these may cause a car accident.

If you find yourself involved in an automobile accident, first get medical attention. Even if you think you are ok it is best to have yourself checked out by medical professionals. Many medical conditions that are commonly found due to car accidents aren’t always obvious immediately and need to be documented and treated as soon as possible. Then call The Scranton Law Firm, They are car accident lawyers. They will represent you and your interests. They have years of experience in representing car accident victims and will make sure you get everything you need.

We of course hope you enjoy the holiday season with all of the people you care about. However if you, a friend or family member have an accident please contact us or call 1-800-400-8742.

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