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Pedestrian Killed in a Hit & Run on South Union Ave in Bakersfield

Hit & Run Accident, Bakersfield, CA

Hit & Run Accident Claims the Life of a Pedestrian at the Intersection of South Union and Hosking Avenues

Bakersfield, CA -In the early hours before dawn, a tragic and avoidable tragedy unfolded on the streets of Bakersfield. A hit-and-run incident, leaving behind grief and pressing questions, starkly highlights the fragility of life and the imperative for accountability on our roads.

The Incident

In the darkness of the early morning on March 29, 2024, a devastating incident unfolded at the intersection of South Union and Hosking Avenue in Bakersfield, marking a moment of tragedy and loss for the community. A woman, whose day began like any other, found herself in the path of a northbound light-colored vehicle while walking eastbound on the 7700 block of South Union Avenue. The collision was not just a momentary lapse; it was a cataclysm that shattered the calm of the night and the life of an individual.

As the vehicle made contact, the driver, faced with a choice, opted for the path of least resistance, fleeing the scene without a trace. This decision left the victim alone, injured, and without immediate aid, ultimately leading to her untimely death on that very street. The Bakersfield Police Department, upon arrival, could only confirm the grim outcome of this hit-and-run incident. The scene was left with more questions than answers, the primary one being the identity of the driver who chose to escape rather than confront the consequences of their actions.

This incident casts a long shadow over the city of Bakersfield, serving as a grim reminder of the vulnerability of pedestrians and the devastating impact of irresponsible driving behavior. The police’s efforts to gather information and locate the fleeing driver have been met with the challenge of limited leads, with the make and model of the vehicle remaining unknown. The community is urged to come forward with any information, hoping to find closure and justice for the victim and her family. The intersection of South Union and Hosking Avenue, a typical point of convergence for many, now stands as a site of reflection on the fragility of life and the importance of accountability.

Legal Implications 

The tragic hit-and-run accident in Bakersfield not only leaves a void in the hearts of the community but also raises significant legal questions. In California, fleeing the scene of an accident, especially one involving injury or death, is a felony offense. This legal standpoint underscores the severity with which the law views the act of leaving a victim without aid. For the perpetrator, the consequences can include heavy fines, imprisonment, and a permanent mark on one’s criminal record, reflecting the societal demand for accountability and justice.

The incident in Bakersfield is not an isolated one. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately one hit-and-run crash occurs every minute in the United States. The alarming frequency of these incidents points to a broader issue of road safety and driver responsibility. Furthermore, data reveal that hit-and-run fatalities are on the rise, with a notable increase observed in recent years. This trend highlights a disturbing disregard for human life and the critical need for more stringent enforcement of traffic laws.

In the context of personal injury law, victims of hit-and-run incidents or their families have the right to seek justice and compensation for their losses. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and, in tragic cases like that of Bakersfield, wrongful death compensation. The legal journey for justice can be complex, necessitating the expertise of seasoned personal injury attorneys who can navigate the intricacies of the law to advocate for the rights of victims and their families.

The aftermath of a hit-and-run incident, as witnessed in the recent tragedy in Bakersfield, leaves families and communities grappling with loss and injustice. Navigating the legal landscape in the wake of such incidents can be daunting for victims and their loved ones. It is in these moments that the value of experienced legal representation becomes most evident. A dedicated personal injury attorney can provide the support and guidance needed to seek justice and compensation.

The Scranton Law Firm, with over 50 years of experience and a track record of recovering over $1 billion for injured clients, stands out as a beacon of hope and advocacy. Our team of compassionate and skilled pedestrian accident attorneys specializes in hit-and-run cases, understanding the profound impact these incidents have on individuals and families. We are committed to fighting tirelessly for the rights of our clients, ensuring they receive the comprehensive legal representation they deserve.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a hit-and-run or any other personal injury incident, we urge you to reach out. Let the Scranton Law Firm be your ally in seeking justice and securing the compensation you need to move forward. Your initial consultation is free, allowing us to understand your case and outline how we can assist you in this challenging time. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.


  1. What Should I Do Immediately After a Hit-and-Run Incident? Immediately after a hit-and-run, ensure your safety and call 911. If possible, try to note any details about the fleeing vehicle or driver. Then, seek medical attention, even if you believe you are unharmed, as some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

  2. How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help in a Hit-and-Run Case? A personal injury attorney can help navigate the complexities of your case, from investigating the incident to negotiating with insurance companies. They can also assist in pursuing compensation for damages and injuries, even when the at-fault driver is unidentified.

  3. What Compensation Can Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents Receive? Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, punitive damages. The specifics depend on the case details and the applicable state laws.

  4. Is There a Time Limit for Filing a Claim After a Hit-and-Run? Yes, each state has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including hit-and-run cases. In California, for example, you generally have two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit.

  5. Can I Still Receive Compensation If the Hit-and-Run Driver Is Never Found? Yes, you may still be eligible for compensation through your own insurance policies, such as uninsured motorist coverage. An experienced attorney can guide you through your options for recovery in the absence of the at-fault driver.


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