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If I Signed A Liability Waiver Do I Still Have A Case?

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Companies of all types will do whatever they can to limit their liability. For example, almost all gyms, or martial arts academies make you sign a waiver before participating. Even some amusement parksrequire a signed  waiver before entering. You may think that by signing this document you are responsible for anything that happens while there, but this may not always be true. If you are injured on private property, you still may have a case, no matter what you signed.

Age – is very important in this circumstance. Anyone under 18 can’t be held accountable because they aren’t legally allowed to be a party to a contract.  Even someone over 18 may still be able to sue, so make sure to call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Language – of the waiver is another consideration that must be validated by the courts. Most states demand that the waiver be written in plain English. They must be readable and easy to understand by the common person. If the language is difficult or “tricky” by any means, the document may be unenforceable in court.

Reason for Signing – Your reason for signing the waiver must also be legitimate. If the individual has been taken advantage of by being unfairly persuaded to sign, than the document may be thrown out in court.

Defendant Negligence –  Negligence is  the foundation for every  personal injury case. If the defendant didn’t take the necessary steps to ensuring your safety, they can be held liable despite any forms you signed. If you are injured due to an employees negligence then you could still have a strong case.

If you have been involved in an accident and have been injured, its always best to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. Whether you have signed a liability waiver or not Only an experienced lawyer will be able to tell you if you have a claim worth pursuing or not.

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