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When Are Landlords Liable For Injuries?

by admin

When you are involved in an automobile accident, the first thing that the insurance companies will want to do is send you a questionnaire or ask for a recorded statement.

Both can have detrimental ramifications for you in your accident claim. As far as a recorded statement is concerned, the insurance company is trying to commit you to a certain set of facts from the accident.

They may want to establish your speed. They may want to establish the time, location, how the accident occurred, even try to give you 10, 20% fault for the accident even when it shouldn’t be any fault of your own.

You have to be careful on what type of a statement you give and what type of information you volunteer to the insurance company. Never give a statement to an insurance company unless you have representation through an lawyer’s office and only then on a three-way conference call or an in-person interview when you’re together with your lawyer.

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