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Ignition Switch Recall Gets Worse For GM With New Brain Injury Lawsuit

by admin

Major auto conglomerate GM’s legal problems just got a little bit worse as a brain injury lawsuit has been added to the long list of suits being filed against the corporate giant for its controversial ignition switch recall that has affected millions.

Several independent investigations have concluded that:

excess weight on a key ring, together with the jostling that stems from the natural motion of the vehicle, can cause the ignition switch to disengage from the run position to  accessory. This shuts off the engine and power to power steering and power brake components. A related concern is the potential for airbags to fail when the ignition switch is not in the  run position.

wrongful death claim is what started the series of suits but the most recent to be added to the list of suits is a brain injury claim of a 17 year old girl who crashed when her Chevy Cobalt lost all power while she was driving. The teen suffered severe injuries including a brain injury that could cause irreparable damage to her brain. Her two friends who were also in the car died in the accident.

The driver and the representatives of the passengers who died in the accident are filing a nine count law suit against GM for unspecified damages. Many legal professionals believe this case could get very complex due to the fact that the incidents occurred during GM’s reorganization.

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