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Highway 178 In Kern County Is The Site of A Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Fatal Motorcycle Accident, Kern County, Ca

On the evening of April 12th, a tragic semi truck accident unfolded on Interstate 5 near Orland, claiming ten lives and leaving 30 people with various degrees of injuries. A FedEx truck swerved across the median, clipping a passenger vehicle before colliding head-on with a charter bus carrying high school students headed to Humboldt State University’s ‘Spring Preview Day’. Both vehicles were quickly engulfed in flames, leading to a catastrophic scene.

Many of the survivors escaped through emergency exits while others broke through glass jumping out windows to get to safety. While there has been no official counts yet the unofficial word is that 10 people died in the accident and 30 people  received various degrees of injuries. As of last reports 4 students are still in critical condition at the UC Davis Medical Center and Enloe Medical Center

Both the driver of the bus and the Fed Ex truck died on impact. Three adult chaperones and five students were also killed in the accident.


The 44 teenagers aboard, nearly half from the Los Angeles school district, were participating in a program that invites prospective low-income or first-generation college students to visit college campuses.

Fed Ex has put out this statement,

All of us at FedEx are deeply saddened by the tragic highway accident in California,” the statement said. “Our hearts go out to all of those involved and their families. We are cooperating fully with the officials investigating this accident.

As a personal injury attorney, I’m going to take you through the legal implications of this incident, providing insights that may help answer any questions you may have and shedding light on the legal dimensions that surround this tragic accident.


Fed Ex Semi Truck Accident - Truck Hits Charter Bus

Understanding the cause of the semi truck accident is essential to determine potential negligence. Was it due to driver distraction, impairment, or recklessness? Or was it a mechanical failure – a fault in the vehicle’s systems or components that should have been addressed during regular maintenance? Could the highway’s design or maintenance have contributed to the tragedy? Answering these questions could imply negligence on the part of FedEx, the vehicle manufacturer, or the state highway authority, which may hold them liable for personal injury or wrongful death claims.

Families of the crash victims are encouraged to call Red Cross for more information.

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