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Distracted Driving Is It Worth It ?

by admin

After years of experience driving can seem like such a mindless task. We get proficient at it and believe we can multi-task while driving, taking on things such as talking on the phone or texting a friend. If you are not careful however distracted driving can lead to a life altering accident.

In 2011, almost 23% of auto accidents involved phones. Texting may seem like a simple task, especially if you have been driving for a long time, but it’s not. In fact, when you text, the average amount of time that your eyes are away from the road is 5 seconds. When travelling at freeway speeds a driver could cover more than the distance of a football field in five seconds.

A study found that those who are texting or reading text messages nearly double their reaction time. Texting and driving isn’t the only form of distracted driving however the study showed that texting was the worst form of distraction. All the forms of distracted driving tested increased reaction time significantly more than being legally drunk. According to The NHTSA distracted drivers account for more accidents then drunk drivers.

The act of drinking, eating, applying make-up, shaving, even using your GPS are all examples of distracted driving and distracted drivers make up for nearly 18 % of all vehicle accidents. Simply put, distracted driving is just not worth it. So next time you feel the urge to multi-task while driving, consider the consequences. No distraction is worth a person’s precious life.

If you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver it is essential to your case that you contact an lawyer as soon as possible. Proving liability in these types of cases can be very difficult. Using thorough investigation and the appropriate experts, an experienced accident lawyer can help you prove the other drivers negligence and get the settlement you deserve.

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