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Toxic Baby Food

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toxic baby food lawsuit

What is happenning with the baby food?

Investigation by the U.S. House into Baby Food Reveals Toxic Metals

Lawyers from Scranton Law Firm represent hundreds of children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder after being exposed to dangerously high levels of heavy metals in baby food products.


Our attorneys filed the first baby food lawsuit in California and possibly the nation against several baby food companies alleging they knowingly sell products tainted with arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. We represent parents, who allege their seven-year-old son, suffers from neurodevelopmental disorders after consuming substantial quantities of baby foods from the following baby food manufacturers:


Childhood exposure to heavy metals

has been found to cause damage to neurological development

Both the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization warn that heavy metals are harmful to health. Infants can experience serious and often irreversible brain damage from even low levels of exposure to heavy metals in baby food. Long-term brain function can also be negatively affected by this.


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Inorganic Arsenic

ATSDR reports that organic arsenic presents the greatest health risk among various environmental substances.

Research concludes arsenic exposure has a “significant negative impact on neurodevelopment in children” and has been linked to damage to the central nervous system and cognition.

The following are additional risks associated with exposure:



ATSDR identifies lead as the most significant environmental substance potentially harmful to human health.

Even small doses are extremely harmful, accumulating in the body over time

It leads to behavioral issues, decreased cognitive performance, postnatal growth reduction, and delayed puberty

The danger is especially high for infants and young children

Early childhood exposure to lead has a number of neurological effects, including:   



The ATDSR ranks cadium 7th on its list of environmental contaminants posing the greatest risk to human health.
According to research, it is associated with:



On the ATSDR’s list of environmental substances that have the greatest impact on human health, mercury ranks #3.

In recent studies, mercury exposure during pregnancy has been associated with adverse neurodevelopment and lower IQ.

An increased level of exposure has been linked to autistic behaviors.


Scranton Law Firm is in active litigation against the baby food companies listed above and intends to go to trial in 2023. To see if your child qualifies for a baby food lawsuit, fill out our confidential case evaluation form or call our legal team at (800) 400-8742 to schedule an appointment with a lawyer who can answer all your questions.

Join the Baby Food Heavy Metals Lawsuit – Justice for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

In 2021, a U.S. Congressional Subcommittee reported that numerous popular baby food products, including infant rice cereal, teething biscuits, purees, rice cakes, and others, contain “dangerously high levels” of arsenic, mercury, lead, and cadmium. Shockingly, Happy Family Organics, Gerber, Hain Celestial (Earth’s Best Organic), Beech-Nut, Plum Organics, Walmart (Parent’s Choice), and Sprout Organic Food knowingly sold tainted baby food to unsuspecting parents, according to the report.

Numerous studies have linked toxic heavy metal exposure to behavioral impairments. The link is especially pronounced among babies and young children, whose brains are still developing. Even at low levels, exposure to heavy metals can cause severe and irreversible damage to neurological development in children. As one recent study observed:

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Investigation by the U.S. House into Baby Food Reveals Toxic Metals

The congressional oversight committee has proven that seven companies betrayed the public trust by selling baby food containing extremely high levels of toxic chemicals.  Among these companies are some of the most popular baby food suppliers:


The report also brought to light that these food manufacturers knew their products contained high levels of toxic metals—yet they chose to do nothing about it.Knowingly allowing levels heavy metals, exceeding the limits allowed for other products, such as bottled water, under existing regulations. 



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Baby Food Companies hold a special position of public trust

We trust manufacturers of baby food to provide safe products for our children.

Holding corporations accountable is what we do best. Since 1973, we have been fighting to protect the rights of injured persons and their families. We’ve been at this for a long time and have established a track record you can depend on.

We consider this to be one of the most important cases we have ever been involved with since our inception as a law firm. Never has there been a greater need to hold companies accountable for their choices and prevent future wrongdoing when it comes to the safety of babies and children.


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