We Don't Win, You Don't Pay

Christian Scranton


In 2009, Michael Scranton passed ownership of the firm to Christian, his youngest son. Since that time, The Scranton Law Firm has continued to further the interests of the “regular guy”. As much as Michael and Christian have different styles of leadership they share the same ideals about big business, government, and the disenfranchisement of the individual. The Scranton Law Firm aims to level the playing field by fighting for those who can’ fight for themselves.

His personal life has exposed him to many ways and walks of life. Christian is a pilot, a husband and father of three, a world traveler, a real estate broker, and has sat as a Judge Pro Tempore. In the air, he has piloted everything from small piston engine planes to Lear jets. Christian is also the founder of a family law firm, Divorce Legal Services. Divorce Legal Service’s ideals and those of The Scranton Law Firm are parallel. Both firms strive to provide the best legal services possible to the client.

As a Surfer, skier, a diver, a sky diver, Sailor, and and avid motorcyclist, Christian has suffered physical injuries first hand, and knows what it’s like to have multiple surgeries and endure the rehabilitation attendant thereto. He knows what its like to not be able to do the things you love to do as a result of an injury.

Christian was a competitor in both the Baja 250 and 1000, District 36 events, the LA-Barstow-Vegas ride, and most recently the Erzberg Rodeo in Austria. He rides a Ducati, an Arlen Ness custom motorcycle, and just about anything with two wheels.

In law school, Christian worked as an intern for a San Francisco Superior Court Judge. Big business and government are two of Christian’s least favorite entities. He still believes that the function of a lawyer is to protect the client, that lawyers can actually do a lot of good.