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Couple Sues Hyatt Hotels After Toddler Falls To Death From Balcony

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Carmel Valley Couple Suing Hyatt For Wrongful Death of Toddler 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – In a world where safety and security are paramount, especially during family vacations, the tragic incident involving the Carter family serves as a stark reminder of the unforeseen dangers that can lurk in seemingly safe environments. This article delves into the heart-wrenching story of the Carter family, whose vacation turned into a nightmare, and examines the legal implications of this tragic event.

The Incident

On October 11, 2021, James Carter and Anastasia Duboshina experienced every parent’s worst nightmare during their stay at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Their 1-year-old son, Nico Carter, tragically fell to his death from a ninth-floor balcony where a pane of protective glass was missing. This horrifying incident occurred just days before Nico was to celebrate his second birthday, transforming a family vacation into an unimaginable tragedy.

Legal Implications 

This incident has led to a federal wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Carters against Hyatt Hotels Corporation and related entities. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and deception by Hyatt in misrepresenting the safety standards of their Puerto Vallarta resort. It highlights a critical issue in the hospitality industry: the safety and security measures in place, especially in areas accessible to children.

The absence of the safety glass pane and the lack of any warning signs or restricted access to the balcony area are central to the lawsuit. This case raises significant questions about the accountability of hotel operators in ensuring the safety of their guests and the standards of care expected in the hospitality industry.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all children ages 0 to 19. Every day, about 8,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. This statistic underscores the importance of stringent safety measures and the need for constant vigilance in environments frequented by children.

Carmel Valley Couple Suing Hyatt After Toddler Falls To Death From Balcony

The tragedy that befell the Carter family is a heart-wrenching reminder of how quickly a joyful family vacation can turn into a lifelong sorrow. At Scranton Law Firm, we understand the depth of pain and loss that comes with such incidents. With over 50 years of experience and more than $1,000,000,000 recovered for our clients, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal representation.

If you or someone you know has experienced a similar tragedy or any accident where safety was compromised, we urge you to reach out. Our expertise in personal injury law, combined with our commitment to our clients’ well-being, makes us a trusted ally in seeking justice and compensation. Contact Scranton Law Firm today, and let us help you navigate these challenging times with the care and expertise you deserve.


1. What legal recourse is available for families who suffer a loss due to hotel negligence?  Families can file a wrongful death lawsuit, seeking damages for negligence, emotional distress, and any deceptive practices by the hotel.

2. How common are balcony-related accidents in hotels?  Balcony falls, while not extremely common, do occur and highlight the need for rigorous safety standards in hotels, especially in high-rise buildings.

3. What should parents look for in terms of safety when booking a hotel room?  Parents should ensure that the hotel has adequate safety measures, especially in balconies, pools, and other areas accessible to children.

4. Can hotels be held accountable for not having safety features like protective glass?  Yes this can fall under premises liability, hotels can be held legally responsible if their lack of safety features leads to accidents or injuries.

5. What steps can be taken to prevent such tragic incidents in the future?  Advocacy for stricter safety regulations in the hospitality industry and increased awareness among parents regarding potential hazards can help prevent similar tragedies


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