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Is it true that there are there more car accidents in the winter months?

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The winter months, particularly in the Northeast United States, bring a mix of weather that can wreak havoc on roads. Even on a sunny day it’s possible for black ice to coat the roads, for slush to create dangerous messes, and for snowbanks to impede vision. Driving in the winter months can be especially hazardous, and there have been studies done that show winter driving is particularly perilous.

According to a 2015 study, more than 800 people in the United States die on average each year in car accidents caused by winter weather. According to that same study, over 12,000 Americans died in winter car accidents during the 15 year span from 1996-2011. Areas that receive high amounts of snowfall, such as regions of the northeast, experience accidents at a higher rate.

Additionally, when you factor in deaths that occur because of ice or other buildup on the roads, but that do not occur when precipitation is actually falling, the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents in the winter is even higher. According to the organization Safe Winter Roads, the number is as high as 1,300 deaths annually when those fatal accidents are factored in. And, on top of the fatal accidents, another 116,800 people are injured in winter weather-related car accidents each year.

The winter months have a very high number of car accidents, and many result in injuries and even fatalities. Drive carefully this winter, and don’t take unnecessary risks to drive during a storm.

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