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Can You Sue If You’re Hit By A Delivery Truck?

by admin

Could you imagine being slammed into by a delivery truck? Those vehicles are more than often very, very large, right? And they can cause some serious damage to your vehicle and/or your body. So what’s the move if this unfortunate circumstance occurs?

You might think that the driver doesn’t have the money so suing him would do you no good. But can his or her employer be held responsible for the driver’s actions? Yes! They most certainly can.

Say a FedEx truck hits you. You would get the driver’s information and you could sue FedEx. The majority of the time, companies are held responsible for their drivers and vehicles. This makes it much easier to recoup any damages from your accident. But the driver must be an employee of the company, and must be acting within the scope of his or her job.

Just because you sue the company doesn’t mean you can’t also sue the driver at fault. You can also go after the driver to recover any lost wages, medical bills, and other costs associated with the accident. You will have a better chance at being fully compensated if you sue both the company and the driver.

In the case of a hit and run accident, you can also sue. Say you were it while parked, and didn’t know who it was. You can still file suit and have your lawyer help investigate to find the culprit. The laws are in your favor in the case of a hit and run.

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