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Calvine Road Accident Claims Life of Pedestrian Sergio Rojas Sacramento, CA

Fatal Pedestrian Accident, sacramento, Ca

The tragic event that unfolded in south Sacramento on the morning of August 18th, 2023, casts a sobering light on pedestrian safety, or the lack thereof. The life of 31-year-old Sergio Rojas came to an untimely end on Calvine Road, as he was struck by a 2015 Toyota RAV4 while walking his dog and pushing a shopping cart bicycle. As a personal injury lawyer with over 50 years of experience, these harrowing incidents highlight the complexities surrounding pedestrian accidents and liabilities.

Firstly, let’s dissect the events. Sergio Rojas was walking in the bike lane when he was hit. The driver, a 42-year-old woman, promptly pulled over and waited for the authorities to arrive. The California Highway Patrol reports do not indicate any immediate signs of intoxication from the driver. It’s crucial to note that the driver remained at the scene, as required by law, the absence of drug or alcohol influence doesn’t necessarily absolve someone from responsibility in a fatal accident.

Being in a bike lane as a pedestrian may raise questions about Sergio’s responsibility in this tragic incident. However, nothing negates the duty of a driver to exercise caution to prevent such personal injuries or wrongful deaths. The law expects drivers to be vigilant and consider the likelihood of pedestrians, cyclists, or any other unexpected elements on the road, which becomes all the more pivotal in low-light conditions like the early hours of the morning.

Another aspect to consider is the issue of comparative negligence, where both parties bear some responsibility. In California, even if the pedestrian is partially at fault, compensation can still be pursued, although it may be reduced.

Calvine Road Accident Claims Life of Pedestrian Sergio Rojas

Moreover, let’s not overlook that Sergio was not just walking; he had his dog and a shopping cart bicycle with him. These extra variables could potentially have made him more visible, but also more prone to an accident, thereby adding another layer of complexity in determining negligence.

Medical expenses, loss of potential earnings, and pain and suffering are among the immediate concerns for the victim’s family. Moreover, such tragic events often lead to wrongful death claims, a civil action separate from any criminal charges that may or may not be filed. In the case of Sergio, with the driver stopping and cooperating with the police, criminal charges seem less likely, but a civil suit is well within the rights of the bereaved family.

For decades, Scranton Law Firm has been at the forefront of navigating such complex personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our dedicated team scrutinizes every angle, from the minute details of accident reports to liaising with insurance companies, to ensure that justice is served. We have recovered over $500,000,000 for our clients in various types of accident cases.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to have experts by your side. If you or someone you know is grappling with the aftershock of such an unfortunate event, reach out to us. Let’s redefine the scales of justice together, ensuring that you are not walking this tough road alone.

Your grief is ours too, and while nothing can bring back Sergio, our commitment is to offer you a pathway to justice that he would have wanted for you. Make the call today to the Scranton Law Firm and let our legacy be your shield in these trying times.


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