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3 Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Hit & Run Incident in Florin

Multi-Vehicle Accident, Florin, CA

Three People Hospitalized after a Multi-Vehicle, Hit & Run, Accident near the Intersection with Florin Rd & South Watt Ave

Florin, CA -A serene evening in Florin was abruptly shattered by the chaos of metal and momentum. A multi-vehicle collision, marked by the cowardice of a hit-and-run, unfolded on the busy stretch of South Watt Avenue near Florin Road. This incident, leaving three individuals hospitalized, casts a somber shadow over the community, reminding us of the fragility of life on the road.

The Incident

On the evening of March 20, 2024, the Florin community was shaken by a severe multi-vehicle collision on South Watt Avenue, near the intersection with Florin Road, Sacramento. The incident, occurring around 9:30 p.m., involved three vehicles and was precipitated by a vehicle traveling at a dangerously high speed, leading to a catastrophic chain-reaction crash.

In the chaotic aftermath, it was reported that two individuals fled the scene, leaving behind a scenario of confusion and urgency as emergency responders rushed to the aid of the victims. Three people, caught in the maelstrom, were promptly transported to a local hospital. Their conditions, while not immediately disclosed, underscored the serious nature of the collision.

The hit-and-run aspect of this tragedy added a layer of complexity to the emergency response and subsequent investigation. Authorities swiftly cordoned off the area, redirecting traffic as they commenced a thorough examination of the scene. The closure of South Watt Avenue in both directions further signaled the severity of the incident, as investigators worked to piece together the events that led to this unfortunate event.

Legal Implications 

The tragic multi-vehicle collision on South Watt Avenue near Florin Road, involving a hit-and-run, underscores a disturbing trend in traffic incidents that not only devastate lives but also complicate the pursuit of justice for the victims. In the realm of personal injury law, hit-and-run accidents present unique challenges, including the difficulty of identifying the perpetrator and securing compensation for the injured parties.

Statistically, hit-and-run crashes have been on the rise, with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reporting a significant increase in such incidents nationwide. In California alone, the Department of Motor Vehicles notes that hit-and-run violations have led to a concerning number of injuries and fatalities, underscoring the need for stringent legal measures and comprehensive legal representation for victims.

For those affected by such reckless actions, the legal journey can be daunting. California law stipulates severe penalties for hit-and-run offenders, ranging from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the incident. However, for the victims, the path to compensation requires navigating the complexities of insurance claims and, potentially, civil litigation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

In the wake of a hit-and-run incident that leaves individuals and families grappling with unforeseen injuries and challenges, the path to recovery can seem daunting. The incident on South Watt Avenue near Florin Road, resulting in multiple injuries, serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of road safety and the profound impact of negligent actions on innocent lives.

At Scranton Law Firm, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll such incidents can exact on victims and their loved ones. With over 50 years of experience in personal injury law, our team is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal support to those affected by hit-and-run collisions and other traffic-related accidents. Our track record speaks volumes, with more than $1 billion recovered for our clients, underscoring our dedication to achieving justice and fair compensation.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a hit-and-run or any other type of vehicle accident, we urge you to reach out. Our skilled car accident attorneys are prepared to navigate the complexities of your case, from investigating the incident and dealing with insurance companies to representing your interests in court if necessary. At Scranton Law Firm, we’re not just your legal advocates; we’re your partners in the journey toward healing and recovery.


  1. What should I do immediately after being involved in a hit-and-run accident? Immediately after a hit-and-run accident, ensure your safety and that of any passengers. Call 911 to report the incident and seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. Try to note any details about the fleeing vehicle, such as make, model, color, and license plate number, and look for witnesses who might provide additional information.

  2. Can I still receive compensation if the hit-and-run driver isn’t found? Yes, you may still be eligible for compensation through your own insurance policy, especially if you have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. This policy can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering resulting from the accident.

  3. How long do I have to file a claim after a hit-and-run accident in California? In California, the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims, including those arising from hit-and-run accidents, is two years from the date of the injury. However, it’s crucial to start the legal process as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome for your case.

  4. What are the penalties for committing a hit-and-run in California? The penalties for a hit-and-run offense in California vary depending on whether the accident resulted in property damage, injury, or death. Penalties can range from fines and points on the driver’s license to significant jail or prison time for more severe incidents.

  5. Why is it important to hire a personal injury attorney after a hit-and-run accident? Navigating the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident can be complex and overwhelming. A personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights, deal with insurance companies, and pursue the maximum compensation available to you. Additionally, an experienced attorney can investigate the accident, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf.


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