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$1M Settlement For Family of Student Killed at Football Camp

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A million dollar settlement was reached for the family of a high school football player who was accidentally hit by a motorized cart while volunteering at a recreational football camp in North Carolina. The family sued the school, coach, and driver of the vehicle for the death of their son.

According to the depositions taken of the head football coach, the coach asked a number of student-athletes taking part in the camp to drive a motorized cart and bring two large water coolers from the field to a gym close by. The motorized cart took off at twenty miles per hour across the field and was headed directly towards a group of athletes. As the students jumped out of the way (to their right), the victim unfortunately jumped the other direction (to his left). He then collided with the motorized cart when the driver made a sharp right to avoid the group of students. According to the documents filed in court, the fifteen-year old student-athlete suffered a serious brain injury and later died due to the head trauma. The coach supervising the camp was also the head varsity football coach for the school.

The Personal Injury Law Firm handling the case  sued the school administration, the coach, and the driver for negligence. They sited a lack of proper supervision as the cause of death because there was no coach on the field to supervise the student-athletes. Many high schools have strict policies prohibiting students, or minors, from operating school owned motorized equipment, so the law firm added that the school should be held to those same standards.

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