14 People Hurt After Fire Truck Crashes In To LA Chinese Food Restaurant

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Wednesday two fire trucks responding to a call in Monterey Park crashed into each other sending one of the trucks swerving in to a Local Chinese Food Restaurant.

The two trucks one from Monterey Park and the other from neighboring Alhambra were both  responding to a house fire when they slammed into each other at the corner of Emerson and Garfield Avenues.

The collision left one of the trucks embedded in the Lu Dumpling House restaurant injuring 14 people. According to reports no one died in the incident  however, one victim, was critically injured. The 14 that were injured included 5 fire fighters, restaurant patrons, and a few pedestrians.

Six people were taken by emergency crews to The USC Medical Center including the critically injured victim and the five fire fighters.

An Investigation is going on right now to determine the cause of the fire truck accident.

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