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Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Carmichael, Ca Kills 1 Injures Leaves 2 Hospitalized

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Just hours ago in Carmichael, Ca a suburb of Sacramento county, a accidente fatal occurred, involving two motorcycles and a car. Witnesses on the scene said they saw the two bikes riding fast eastbound on Fair Oaks Blvd when a white Ford Taurus pulled out in front of them causing them to lock up their brakes.

One rider crashed directly in to the driver side door of the Taurus and was already dead when emergency response crews arrived. The other rider layed the bike down and fell off skidding to a stop before hitting the car. The second rider suffered severe injuries and was taken to the hospital along with the female driver of the car.As of 5:30 PM Fair Oaks Blvd. has reopened however the accident is still under investigation.

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