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California Train Accidents

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Experienced Train Accident Lawyers

Train accidents have the potential to bring about life-altering consequences. Given the sheer size and speed of trains, collisions involving these behemoths, whether with vehicles, pedestrians, or other trains, often result in devastating injuries. Trains, such as Amtrak, BART, Metro, or cargo trains, play a vital role in our society – from facilitating daily commutes to moving goods across the nation. Regardless of the frequency of your encounters with trains, the aftermath of train accidents can be far-reaching and deeply impactful.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports approximately 6,000 train-car accidents annually. Most of these incidents occur at railroad crossings and account for about 600 fatalities and more than 23,000 injuries each year. If you have fallen victim to a train accident, you need the guidance of a seasoned legal advocate. The Scranton Law Firm, experienced in handling train accident cases, is here to help you navigate this challenging journey. Our dedicated attorneys will work relentlessly to ensure the parties responsible for your suffering are held to account. We can help you understand your rights and your potential to secure compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and any suffering you’ve experienced.

Do I Need A Train Accident Lawyer?

Yes, it’s crucial to have a train accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a train accident in California, and here’s why:

Train accidents fall into a unique category in personal injury law due to their complex nature. They’re often governed by a mix of federal and state laws, creating an intricate web of regulations that can be difficult to navigate without the right legal expertise.

Furthermore, rail companies, whether they’re commuter services like Amtrak or BART, or freight carriers, have formidable legal teams in place to protect their interests. Your train accident lawyer is your advocate, ensuring your rights are upheld in the face of these powerful entities.

Your lawyer’s role includes fighting for maximum compensation for your injuries, which may include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They also handle the often-stressful negotiations with insurance companies, allowing you to focus on recovery.

Lastly, the experience of dealing with a train accident can be emotionally distressing. Having a skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyer can provide comfort and reassurance, knowing that your case is in reliable hands.

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Some Of The Factors Considered In Train Accidents

1. Cause of the Accident:

This is paramount in determining liability. The cause could be due to operator negligence, faulty equipment, poor track maintenance, or a variety of other factors.


2. Company Negligence:

To succeed in a personal injury claim, it must be shown that the party responsible was negligent – they failed to act with the required level of care.

3. Violation of Safety Standards:

If safety standards were violated, this can strengthen the victim’s case and potentially lead to punitive damages.


4. Witness Testimony and Evidence:

These can help establish the facts of the case and prove liability and damages.


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What Types Of Damages Are Available To California Train Accident Victims?

If you’ve been involved in a California train accident, you may be eligible for various types of compensation. These can be categorized into three main types of damages.

  1. Daños Económicos: Estos incluyen costos medibles como gastos médicos (facturas de hospital, costos de rehabilitación, medicamentos), salarios perdidos debido al tiempo fuera del trabajo y daños a la propiedad.

  2. Daños No Económicos: Estos cubren pérdidas intangibles, como dolor y sufrimiento, angustia emocional y pérdida de disfrute de la vida.

  3. Daños punitivos: Estos son menos comunes y se otorgan para castigar al demandado por un comportamiento particularmente atroz y para disuadir a otros de conductas similares.

Remember, each case is unique, so it’s crucial to consult with an experienced California train accident lawyer. They can help assess your case, calculate potential compensation, and guide you through the complex legal process to secure the maximum recovery you deserve.

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What Is Different About Train Accident Cases?

There are several unique factors in train accident cases that typically don’t come into play in other types of personal injury cases:

  1. Multiple Jurisdictions: Trains often cross city, county, and state lines, which may bring in laws from several jurisdictions, including federal laws.

  2. Government Entities: Trains are often operated by government bodies, making claims against them procedurally challenging.

  3. Catastrophic Injuries: Train accidents can lead to severe injuries involving multiple victims, increasing the case’s complexity and stakes.

  4. Complex Liability: Liability can involve operators, track owners, maintenance crews, manufacturers, demanding thorough investigation.

  5. Federal Regulations: Trains are subject to federal laws and agencies, like the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), which can significantly affect a case.

  6. Black Box Data: Trains have “black boxes” that record critical data. Accessing and interpreting this data can be crucial in such cases.

  7. Mass Torts/Class Action Suits: Due to the potential high number of victims, these cases can sometimes turn into mass tort or class action lawsuits.

Given these complexities, representation by an experienced train accident lawyer is crucial in such cases.


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What If I Have Lost A Loved One In A Fatal Train Accident?

In such tragic circumstances as losing a loved one in a train accident, it’s important to know you may have a claim for wrongful death. This is a type of personal injury lawsuit that can provide financial relief for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost future earnings, and emotional suffering your loved one’s untimely passing has caused. 

As a seasoned personal injury lawyer, I urge you to seek legal counsel immediately. Laws surrounding train accidents are complex and often involve multiple jurisdictions. A skilled train accident attorney can guide you through the legal process, handle all communication with insurance companies, and fight to get the compensation you deserve. Remember, you’re not alone in this painful time. A compassionate, experienced lawyer can be a supportive advocate, helping you seek justice for your loved one.


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As you take the crucial steps toward justice and healing after a pedestrian accident, remember that you don't have to face this battle alone. With over 50 years of experience, the Scranton Law Firm has successfully represented thousands of injured accident victims, recovering more than $500,000,000 in compensation. Our unparalleled dedication, skill, and proven track record make us the ideal partner in your pursuit of justice. We take pride in our commitment to our clients, ensuring that every case receives the personalized attention it deserves. Our compassionate approach and unwavering resolve have earned the trust and satisfaction of thousands of clients, and we are ready to help you navigate this challenging time.
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