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Workplace Accidents & Injuries

If you are injured at work, it can be difficult to determine how you should be compensated. Worker’s compensation insurance is designed to help injured employees when a work-related situation causes an accident, illness or injury. In California, employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. In some cases, workplace injuries may also involve a personal injury claim if a party was negligent.


Common Workplace Injuries


Slip & Fall

Poor lighting, improper building maintenance, and poorly trained employees can all be contributing factors in slip and fall accidents.

Back & Neck Strains

Lifting heavy objects without proper safety equipment can cause significant damage to a worker’s neck and back.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Working on an assembly line without proper supporting equipment can lead to repetitive motion injuries.

Falling Objects

If materials like books or supplies aren’t properly stored on shelves and fall on an employee, someone is liable.

Cuts & Lacerations

If you were harmed by faulty equipment or furniture, you could have a personal injury case.

Ear Damage

If you were exposed to loud noises without proper ear protection, the damage could be permanent.



 Construction Accidents

Construction is a hazardous profession. Every year thousands of California cities report numerous injured workers and deaths in job-related accidents. Most construction site injuries are preventable. However, despite the federal, state, and local regulations, inspection requirements and industry standards, serious or even fatal injuries still occur.


Common Construction Injuries


Scaffolding Failure

If an employee was injured while on or near defective scaffolding, a variety of parties could be liable.


Faulty wiring and employees forgetting to turn off breakers are common causes for getting shocked at work.

Falling Objects

Job sites have a lot of heavy equipment, that if not properly secured, could seriously injure someone.

Lifting & Repetitive Motion Injuries

Constantly handling heavy equipment without proper safety equipment can cause significant damage to a construction worker’s neck and back.

Equipment Malfunction

If you were harmed by faulty equipment, you could have a personal injury case.

Exposure to Chemicals or Fumes

If you were exposed to hazardous materials like cleaning chemicals or paint fumes, you may have an injury case.



Workplace Accident Claims & Lawsuits

If you are injured on the job, the most important first step is to get medical treatment as soon as possible. If you choose to seek a personal injury claim, we recommend that you should contact the Scranton Law Firm. Speak with one of our experienced workplace accident lawyers – We offer a free consultation. Job injury accidents present a variety of potentially complex legal issues that may require an attorney with construction accident claim experience. 


California State Laws

For California injury cases, legal issues include compliance with job safety and health regulations, proper supervision, engineering standards, contractual guarantees, and. In California, there are a number of potential claims that can be pursued in a workplace accident personal injury case. Determining negligence involves looking at a variety of legal


Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation benefits and insurance are not the only available remedy. Sometimes workers compensation claims don’t fully cover the damages from an injury accident. In these cases, if there is a liable party, a personal injury claim could help cover the additional damages.


Who is at Fault for Your Injury?

When it comes to determining fault for an injury accident, there are several parties which may be liable, including:


  1. Business/Site Owners 
  2. Engineers 
  3. Contractors and Subcontractors
  4. Construction Managers
  5. Material or Equipment Suppliers. 


Determining fault can be complex. You should discuss your accident with a work injury attorney as soon as possible if you want to file a claim. Work injury claims have a statute of limitations which limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. 


The Scranton Law Firm’s Values

The Scranton Law Firm values our clients’ safety and wellbeing in the long run. Our work injury lawyers’ primary concern is our clients’ recovery from their injury accident. We want you to be able to return to work and get on with your life. If you decide to pursue a claim, let us negotiate with the insurance company while you focus on your recovery.


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