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Specific Injuries

Many serious injuries are difficult to detect and may not be apparent immediately after an accident. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be faced with long term complications that may not be readily apparent. In many cases treatment should be completed before a settlement is made, and in other cases medical treatment may be required indefinitely. Future medical expenses can be a large portion of the damages sustained and doctors are critical in determining what will be a fair economic recovery. Mistakes in diagnosis and treatment can be devastating, Scranton Law Firm will make sure you get the proper doctors and medical specialists to properly diagnose your injury.

Common Specific Injuries

  • Broken Bones / Fractures

    Broken bones and fractures are serious injuries. They can cause severe discomfort in mild cases and chronic pain or permanent disability in more extreme cases. Elderly people are more likely to experience serious medical consequences as a result of broken bones and fractures.
  • Animal Caused Injuries

    If you have been injured by a dog, particularly by a dog bite, you should immediately seek medical attention. Because dogs may carry diseases that can infect humans, it is important to identify the dog that caused the injury and to report the matter to the police or animal control authorities right away.
  • Back Injuries

    The vertebrae of the spine are cushioned by spongy disks which act like little shock absorbers and keep the spine flexible. If one of these disks becomes damaged, either through wear and tear or some type of accident, it can bulge or break through its hard outer layer, which is called a herniated disk.
  • Burn and Fire Injuries

    Burn injuries are often extremely painful and can require extensive medical and surgical treatment. Burn injuries are normally classified by degree, i.e. first, second and third-degree burns. A first-degree burn can be very painful but only affects the outer skin and generally requires little or no medical treatment.
  • Catastrophic Injuries

    Catastrophic personal injuries include things such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputations, paralysis, severe burns, multiple fractures, and death. All of these injuries can have life altering effects and may result in permanent disability or death.
  • Paralysis

    Paralysis is generally defined as the complete loss of voluntary movement in an affected limb or muscle group. The two major types of paralysis associated with severe spinal cord injuries are paraplegia, which is the loss of use of both legs and the trunk, and quadriplegia, the loss of use of all four limbs and the trunk.
  • Construction Site Injuries

    Injuries that take place on a construction site frequently involve workers’ compensation claims. However, there are a number of potential claims that may be pursued in a construction accident case and workers’ compensation insurance is often not the only available remedy.
  • Food Poisoning

    Food poisoning is an illness that is typically caused by food that has been improperly processed, stored, prepared or otherwise has come into contact with harmful germs, bacteria, parasites or viruses. While most incidents of food poisoning are fairly mild, it also has the potential to be extremely serious or even fatal
  • Head and Brain Injuries

    Head and brain injuries can be extremely dangerous and any trauma to the head or neck region should be examined immediately by a doctor. Head injuries are generally divided into two main categories: external and internal.
  • Eye Injuries

    Eye injuries can have devastating life-long effects and should always be taken seriously. These injuries can have substantial economic effects in addition to pain and suffering, and loss of sight. Any time an injury to the eye happens an eye specialist should be seen immediately, even if you received emergency care.
  • Unconsciousness

    If a person looses consciousness during an accident or other injury, time is of the essence. An accident victim who loses consciousness and stops breathing is at risk of death or serious brain damage. Therefore, CPR or other breathing assistance should be given immediately and they should receive urgent medical attention.
  • Heart and Lung Injuries

    Injuries to the heart or lungs are very serious, generally requiring long-term medical treatment. The heart can be damaged by puncture or by trauma, which is a common occurrence in many different Accident Types.
  • Muscle / Ligament Injury

    Muscular injuries are often caused by trauma resulting in the release of blood inside the muscle. In mild cases, this simply results in bruising and will generally heal itself over time. In more serious cases, the muscle can be permanently damaged leading to reduced flexibility and other symptoms.
  • Workplace Injuries

    An on-the-job or workplace injury is one suffered by an employee while working. Workplace injuries can occur by Accident or as a result of an occupational disease or exposure. Depending on the situation, workplace injuries may be covered by Workers’ Compensation laws, tort law or both.

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