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Robert Beren legal assistant with Scranton Law Firm

Robert Beren
Legal Assistant
2450 Stanwell Dr
Concord, CA 94520

About Robert Beren

Robert Beren is a graduate of De La Salle High School, Class of 1973 and split his college career between the University of San Francisco and California State University Sacramento.

He is a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of California who spent 18 years serving the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office prior to joining Scranton Law Firm more than 15 years ago.

Mr. Beren’s desire to work in Personal Injury is simple. He says that he’s honored that people call with a need and it’s his job to assist them with their issue, providing advocacy as well as expertise to appropriately handle their legal situation. His strengths include the ability to quickly evaluate a case as well as intrinsic motivation to be honest and dedicated to his work.

With an unprecedented loyalty and belief in the work of SLF, Mr. Beren’s grandson and granddaughter were both represented by the firm after separate motor vehicle incidents that left them injured.

Personally, Mr. Beren loves spending time with his family including his grandchildren and wife with whom he travels for fun. He enjoys vintage baseball memorabilia, golf, and fishing.

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