John Buenfil Personal Injury Attorney and Director of Finance at Scranton Law Firm

John Buenfil
Personal Injury Attorney
2450 Stanwell Dr
Concord, CA 94520

About John Buenfil

John Buenfil was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, however it was in Virginia in his youth where he got involved with the Civil Rights movement and developed his desire to study the law. After a short stint at Duke University, he went on to participate in Civil Rights and Anti-War groups and demonstrations from Virginia all the way to New York, ending up with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Mary Washington College.

John moved out to California to pursue his Law Degree at Golden Gate University Law School. He paid his way through law school working as a bookkeeper for a private school. It was around this time that John developed a passion for long distance running. After a brief reprise to train for and compete in the Western States 100 Mile Trail Run he passed the Bar Exam in February 1982.

Before coming to work for The Scranton Law Firm John spent some time working in database programming and held various bookkeeping positions. Aside from being an attorney, and a bookkeeper John also possesses a Credential to teach High School Math from Holy Names College.

His passion is still in the law and in helping people so he’s appreciative of the opportunity to work with the attorneys at the firm. When John’s not working you can find him bicycling or spending time with his family and dogs.

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