Dalton Miesen

General Manager

Scranton Law Firm

2450 Stanwell Drive

Concord, CA 94520

About Dalton Miesen

Dalton Miesen is a world traveler with and array of experiences from around the globe. Dalton credits this travel as the core of his education. From a young age, he was immersed in many different cultures and learned to adapt and assimilate to an ever-changing landscape. These experiences honed Dalton’s ability to communicate effectively with “any and all walks of life” and has proven invaluable in his professional life.

Despite spending most of his life living abroad and traveling from coast in coast in the United States, Northern California was always “home.” His family are longtime residents of Auburn Ca and Dalton is proud to call himself a Nor Cal Native.

Dalton is deeply committed to the Firm as he “believes in the work we do. We help people regain their lives after an accident. It is extremely rewarding work.” After many years running his own businesses and excelling in marketing/advertising, Dalton has brought that experience to Scranton Law Firm.

Since joining the firm Dalton has focused his energies on three key components of the business:

  1. The staff: “Our staff is a cohesive team of experienced and educated professionals who have a passion to help others. We foster this culture thru recognition of these efforts, encouraging ongoing education, and promoting from within.”
  2. Workflow Efficiency: “by refining our workflow and utilizing technology, we are able to operate with extreme efficacy. Thus allowing the firm to help more people and achieve our financial goals.”
  3. Marketing: The legal advertising world is one fraught with competition and duplication. It is our ongoing mission to break down the walls of stereotypes that surround our industry so even the “little guy” realizes we can and will help them thru an extremely challenging time in their lives.

Dalton can be found doing an array of sporting activities, especially riding dirt bikes. He competes in District 36 racing, Score International, and an array of “weekend warrior events.” However, his driving force of existent he attributes to his family and wife.

“My father summarized it best when we were reflecting on our life of travel… No matter where we were in the world, no matter the social or economic status of the people we were talking to, all societies have but one goal… to provide for their loved ones. To make the world a better place for the future generations. This is my goal, for my family and my work family alike.”


My Team

John Buenfil

John Buenfil

Attorney / Director Of Finance

John Buenfil was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, however it was in Virginia in his youth where he got involved with the Civil Rights movement and developed his desire to study the law.


Itzel Rivera-Garcia

Itzel Rivera-Garcia


Since the age of 12 she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the legal field. When she is not busy answering phones, sorting the mail or opening new cases...