Juul Lawsuit Claim Information: Have You Been Injured?

If you or someone you know was injured on account of the nefarious e-cigarette company Juul, explore Juul lawsuit and claim information. We’re Here to Help. Our Expert Injury Lawyers Will Happily Answer All Your Questions. For Free.

Juul Lawsuit Claim Information: Have You Been Injured?

There’s a new lung disease, and it’s called “EVALI.”

EVALI represents e-cigarette or vaping product use that’s associated with lung injury. First identified in August 2019, it was coined by the CDC recently as a result of a multi-state outbreak of serious lung illnesses.

The CDC reports that as of December 10, 2019, 52 EVALI deaths have been confirmed. Plus, over 2,400 individuals have been hospitalized for EVALI.

The well-known e-cigarette company known as Juul is at the forefront of the significant spike in vaping. There’s also a Juul lawsuit that’s making headlines as it involves Juul’s former CEO and former Senior Vice President of Global Finance.

If you or someone you know has been injured on account of Juul, now is the time to explore your options by talking to a lawyer.

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This Juul Lawsuit Addresses Negligence

In late October, Juul’s former Senior VP of Global Finance filed a lawsuit. The former VP, Siddharth Breja, claims that he was retaliated against because he raised concerns about a contaminated shipment.

Breja said there were other significant moments of concern while working at Juul. In February, Breja said he worried when the company wanted to resell pods that were almost a year old. He urged the company to include an expiration, best by, or manufacturing date on the packaging.

The lawsuit claims that the CEO at the time, Kevin Burns, had shot down Breja’s concerns, saying that because half of Juul customers were drunks and vaping like “mo-fos,” they wouldn’t notice the quality of the pods.

Burns denies ever making the statement.

In addition to this significant lawsuit, there are multiple personal injury lawsuits against Juul.

JUUL and e-cigarette devices are deceptively marketed as a safe alternative to tobacco products to teenagers and young adults in order to get them addicted to JUUL products.

The Food and Drug Administration has received reports of JUUL users, who have become addicted to the devices suffering seizures, convulsions and even death as a result of poisoning.

We are seeking the following damages past and future medical expenses including addiction treatment. Past and future pain and suffering (physical and mental). Past and future loss of enjoyment of life and punitive damages.

If you or a loved one regularly uses Vaping Products manufactured by Juul and have developed accelerated addictions, illnesses, or death from its use you maybe entitled to substantial compensation.

Why Are These E-Cigarettes Harmful?

E-cigarettes heat liquid into an aerosol which the user inhales. That liquid contains nicotine, and it also includes additional flavoring and additives.

The nicotine is addictive on its own. But it’s not the only killer.

Many other harmful ingredients have been found in e-cigarette products manufactured by companies like Juul. Some of these additives which have led to harm and can even kill tees are:

  • Chemicals used for flavor like diacetyl (linked to severe lung disease)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Heavy metals, such as lead, tin, and nickel
  • Ultrafine particles that get inhaled deep into the lungs 

Did you know that brain development continues up to age 25? When teenagers, children, and adults under 25 smoke e-cigarettes, they are inevitably hindering their brain’s progress in addition to physically harming their lungs.

The Nicotine Content in Juul Products Is High

Another significant contributor to Juul injury is the fact that Juul pods contain 5% nicotine by volume. That’s more than twice as much as similar devices, such as the Blu e-cig cartridge!

The higher the nicotine content, the higher the risk of addiction. 

Did you know that nicotine is around as addictive as cocaine? It’s more addictive than alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs.

The high concentration of nicotine makes it an even more detrimental product, especially concerning teen and young adult use.

Juul Has a Patented Nicotine Formula

Many brands use a chemically modified form of nicotine in their products. It’s called “freebase nicotine.”

Juul, on the other hand, uses its own patented formula called “nicotine salts.” 

Nicotine salts more closely resemble the natural structure of nicotine. As a result, the nicotine is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream. It makes the vapor less harsh so that it’s easier to inhale more nicotine over longer periods.

So let’s review some Juul facts:

  • The nicotine concentration is twice that of other e-cigarettes
  • Nicotine salts make for better absorption into the bloodstream
  • Nicotine salts make for less harsh vapor that is easier to inhale over and over
  • Flavoring additives cause additional harm to the lungs and body
  • For young teens and adults, this makes for a deadly combination.

Who Buys Juul Products?

In early September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning letter to Juul.

The letter reprimanded and warned the company for its marketing tactics to consumers, including a presentation given to teenagers at a school.

In their correspondence, the FDA also requested more information and raised concerns regarding Juul’s other marketing practices, like the way they’ve targeted students, health insurers, employers, and tribes.

These letters are integral pieces to the FDA’s ongoing investigation into Juul.

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What’s the Appeal?

What do teenagers and young adults value, especially when they’re doing something they don’t want adults to see? Discretion.

A Juul is small enough to fit in a closed hand. It’s discreet and can be easily charged. 

Plus, it comes in flavors appealing to youth, like fruit, creme, mint, and mango. The vapor is less harsh than some competitors, but the high nicotine concentration increases the risk of addiction.

Juul faced additional criticism when an analysis of their now-deleted Instagram posts proved that over half of posts had youth-related content.

Talk to a Lawyer If You or Someone You Know Was Injured

If Juul or other e-cigarette products have injured you or someone you know, it’s crucial to talk to a personal injury lawyer who specializes in Juul and e-cigarette cases.

EVALI is a new disease, and the outcomes, causes, and treatment are still being researched, diagnosed, and discovered. 

If e-cigarettes have injured you, give us a call to determine whether or not you have a Juul lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve.

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