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Karl Wurzbach

Karl Wurzbach

Legal Assistant

Originally beckoned to Scranton Law Firm by his father, Karl Wurzbach, has 25 years of experience in personal injury at SLF. After completion of a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Biola University in 1988, Mr. Wurzbach left his home of Fairfield, California to fulfill the position of Legal Assistant at SLF where his drive to help people made him a perfect fit.

Diligent about his job and staying abreast of the personal injury field, Mr. Wurzbach’s favorite moments at work are when a case is settled and he witnesses the relief and joy across clients’ faces. He sees the close of these proceedings as an opportunity for clients to explore new possibilities in life and no longer live as a victim of a trauma or accident. His strengths include his compassion as well as his communication skills and dedication to the success of the firm itself.

Personally, Mr. Wurzbach enjoys spending time with his family and serving the Parkway Community Church. He leads a weekly Bible Study and races as a Category 2 Bicyclist with Davis Bike Club. Mr. Wurzbach is a devoted father of three children who love family trips to the lake and going on church mission trips internationally.


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