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I like how they were so kind to me and the fact that they have someone who speaks Spanish. Thank you very much, Alex!
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I definitely recommend them if you ever have an accident!
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Roman Gómez, and Erika Mendez are excellent people, and the lawyer Louis G. Beary helped me at all times with my case. I recommend them.
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5 stars google
Incredible law firm! They were very helpful with my case and easy to work with.
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Chris was very kind and helpful! He always kept us updated on our case. I would definitely recommend Scranton Law Firm to anyone who has been involved in a traffic accident. Well-deserved 5 STARS! Thank you for your service!
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Excellent company! They always kept me informed about what was happening throughout my case and exceeded my expectations in addressing my needs. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.
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Estaba realmente estresada sin saber a dónde ir o qué hacer... Llamé a la Firma de Abogados Scranton, y todo lo que puedo decir es que su servicio al cliente es increíble.
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Gracias, Alex, por tomarte el tiempo para escucharme. Mi familia y yo estamos muy agradecidos por tu ayuda. ¡Eres el mejor!
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Tomaron mi caso y se encargaron de todo, manteniéndome informado mientras las cosas progresaban. Me preguntaron qué quería, consideraron mi opinión y me llamaron cuando el trabajo estaba terminado.
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Llamé para obtener asesoramiento legal sobre un caso potencial que tenía. Fueron amables y muy profesionales, definitivamente recomiendo sus servicios.
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Sin la ayuda de la Firma de Abogados Scranton, nunca habría recuperado ni un centavo de mi compañía de seguros en un accidente de atropello y fuga donde la aseguradora se negó a pagar bajo una póliza de conductor no asegurado. Los atraparon por una tecnicidad y tuvieron que pagar. Gracias Firma de Abogados Scranton, son los mejores.
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Tuve una excelente experiencia con la Firma de Abogados Scranton. Después de que un conductor ebrio me golpeara y mi auto fuera declarado siniestro total, se encargaron de todo lo necesario para que me reembolsaran por mis pérdidas y gastos. No podría haberlo hecho sin su firma.
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What Should You Do After Getting Injured in an Accident?

First of all, after an accident in California or any state, your safety is paramount.

  • Call the police and 911.
  • Seek immediate medical attention, even if you feel fine; some injuries, like whiplash or internal trauma, are not immediately evident. Document everything: the accident scene, vehicle damage, and any visible injuries.
  • Gather contact and insurance information from all parties involved and collect witness information if possible.
  • Once you are safe and stable, report the incident to your insurance company. However, be cautious about making definitive statements before understanding the full extent of your injuries and vehicle damage.
  • Next, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in California.


Navigating the complex world of insurance claims and personal injury law is not something you should do alone. An attorney will fight to protect your rights and secure maximum compensation for your losses.

Remember that every step you take after the accident can impact your potential claim. Acting wisely and swiftly will ensure the best possible outcome for your personal injury case.

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