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Woman Killed in Fatal Bart Accident

It is noteworthy that BART allows leashed or harnessed service dogs on its trains, while all other animals, including non-service dogs, must be in carriers. The report does not address whether the dog in this incident was a service animal. After the accident, BART made significant improvements to the station, including upgrading platform lighting and […]

Fatal Accident On The Bay Bridge Kills 2

SF Woman Suffers Fatal Injuries In BART Accident take our free case quiz The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a report on February 28, 2023, regarding the unfortunate dragging death of a passenger that occurred at BART’s Powell Street station. The NTSB investigation revealed that the incident resulted from the passenger’s dog’s leash becoming […]

Hombre asfixiado, golpeado por policía

Man choked, slammed by cop on video at NC Waffle House found guilty of resisting arrest take our free case quiz A video posted to Facebook in May showed a North Carolina police officer choking a young man wearing a tuxedo and slamming him to the ground at a Waffle House. On Thursday, Anthony Wall, […]

Abril Es El Mes De Concientización Sobre La Conducción Distraída

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month by admin take our free case quiz What does it mean to drive distracted to you as a driver? Distracted driving means engaging or participating in an activity while operating a vehicle, which leaves you as a driver prone to hazards on and off the road. According to the […]

Demandas Xarelto Consolidadas

Xarelto Lawsuits Consolidated by admin take our free case quiz It’s been anything but easy run for the makers of Xarelto. There has been a slew of lawsuits alleging that drug is responsible for patients uncontrollable bleedouts. The lawsuits against the makers of Xarelto are claiming that the companies, pharmaceutical giants Bayer and Johnson & […]

Mike Tyson acude al rescate de la víctima de un accidente de motocicleta

Mike Tyson Comes To The Rescue Of Motorcycle Accident Victim by admin take our free case quiz Former Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson has finally made the news for something positive! The former boxing champion is no stranger to the headlines but they have not always been positive. This week Tyson is making headlines for […]

Death From War vs Death From Motor Vehicle Collisions

Death From War vs Death From Motor Vehicle Collisions by admin take our free case quiz How many Americans have died from car Accidents since the invention of the automobile? How does this compare to the number who have died in wars? ANSWER: “The comparison is stunning.Since the start of the Revolution in 1775, over a million […]