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Personal Injury – Recovery After An Accident

Making sure you get the best personal injury recovery treatment available – That’s our goal.

Andres em ipsum dolor sit amet, conse ctetur adinAt the Scranton Law Firm, our clients’ wellbeing in both the short and long term is our primary focus. Before we consider taking a personal injury case, we always ask our prospective clients to speak with their doctor about their issues and figure out the right course of action for their injury recovery to ensure their best quality of life. The final settlement is the monetary value associated with your injury recovery treatment. While it is important, we also want to make sure you receive the best treatment for your injuries while we are working your cas raesent eu orci faucibus orci male suada semper eget non tellus. ras sed dignissim purus. Mauris varius neque leoeu pelesque justo venenatis etllt. Sed ultricies risus non turpis tempus, nec consectetur nulla suscipit. In commodo urna eu turpis accumsan, et viverra mauris fringilla. 

Finding the Right Doctor, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor

The Scranton Law Firm works with the top personal injury recovery professionals in California. We have a vast network of elite doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors that we can refer you.

No Injury Should Go Untreated

Even if an injury seems minor, it can be serious in the long term. If you forego proper injury recovery treatment, the damage could become permanent and affect you for the rest of your life.

Dealing with Creditors During Your Case

We are well aware of the financial hardships associated with the medical bills after an accident. Not only are you unable to work, but suddenly you have steep financial obligations.

Talk to Your Creditor

If you feel that you will be unable to meet these obligations before receiving your settlement, you should notify your creditors immediately. You can notify them of your situation and ask them to suspend your payments, until you can return to work. Usually creditors will understand and can make arrangements for payments to be delayed.

What Can Your Lawyer Do?

If necessary, your lawyer can contact your creditors and verify the accident, and if requested, agree to protect their claim out of the settlement proceeds. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer from the Scranton Law Firm on your side ensures that you are cared for legally, financially, and in health.

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