Personal Injury Claims Quiz

When you are injured in an accident, it is hard to know what to do. From car accidents to dog bites, how do you know whether or not you have a solid case for a personal injury claim? At Scranton Law Firm, we have made it simple, fast and free.

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What kind of accident were you involved in?
1 out of 8
How long ago was the accident?
2 out of 8
Do you have an active case with another attorney?
Is there a police report?
3 out of 8
Were you injured?
4 out of 8
Did you seek medical treatment?
Was anyone else injured?
5 out of 8
Were you taken to a hospital in an ambulance?
What kind of injury? (Auto)
What kind of injury? (Dog Bite)
What kind of injury? (Slip and Fall)
What kind of injury? (Other)
What kind of injury? (Pedestrian)
Was there property damage?
6 out of 8
Were you working at the time of the accident?
7 out of 8
Was some cited as being at fault?
8 out of 8
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