5 Personal Injury Myths that Lawyers use to make you feel like they are the right Firm to handle your case.

Myth #1
Only some Personal Injury Law Firms have the “No Fee Guarantee”.

This is the biggest lie most Law Firms tell.   The fact is that it is an industry standard for fee collection.  Only upon settlement are fees actually collected.

Myth #2
Lawyer fees are negotiable.  

If a Law Firm discounts their fees you might need to look closer at how they will handle your legal affairs. Discount fees are mis-leading, and like the old saying goes ….. “You get what you pay for.”

Myth #3
All Law Firms are created equal.

Small law firms don’t have the available cash for “Up-front Fees” such as court costs, investigators, Medical treatment, etc.. These costs can be $1000’s of dollar which are paid in advanced on your behalf.  Without the ability put cash upfront for your case, the case value will diminish quickly.

Myth #4
Law Firms can handle any type of case.

Most firms will refer your case out to other lawyers who specialize in the area of practice that fits your case, and simply take a commission for doing nothing and not performing any work.

Myth #5
All Law Firms are Good Law Firms.
Most firms don’t want you to look at their reviews on Yelp or they don’t even have a Yelp account in good standing.