10 Things Personal Injury Attorneys
Don’t Want You to know

  1. All Personal Injury Law Firms have the “No Fee Guarantee”, it is an industry standard for fee collection.  Only upon settlement are fees actually collected per our contracts.
  2. Discounted fees are mis-leading, and like the old saying ….. “You get what you pay for.”
  3. Small law firms don’t have the available cash for “Up-front Fees” such as court costs, investigators, Medical treatment, etc.. These costs can be $1000’s of dollar which are paid in advanced on your behalf.  Without the ability put cash upfront for your case, the case value will diminish quickly.
  4. Most firms will refer your case out to other lawyers who specialize in the area of practice that fits your case, and simply take a commission for doing nothing and not performing any work.
  5. Most firms don’t want you to look at their reviews on Yelp or they don’t even have a Yelp account in good standing.
  6. Everybody gives out free advice.  Most won’t tell you how to take care of your own case should you chose too.  We will provide the right information you will need if you elect to go it alone.  Although, we rarely find that people elect to act as their own attorney.
  7. Everybody has an answering service that operates 24/7.  We on the other hand have associates that will follow up on calls 7 days a week.
  8. There are lots of good lawyers that don’t want your case because it’s value is too low in their minds. We are far more likely to handle your case no matter what the value.  More importantly we have the right staff to handle it.
  9. Lots of Lawyers make claims they will fight for you and yield a larger settlement. The reality is settlements are based upon what can be proven and not emotional commentary by your lawyer.
  10. Lots of Law firms claim to have a large support staff … which is rarely the case.  Every case requires time and effort to get results which means you have to  have lots professional staffing to handle the mundane tasks to get the case on the fast track.  Most Law firms simply don’t have the the team it requires to get the job done.