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Truck Accidents

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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney With large and busy Highways such as Highway 1 and Highway 5 and bustling Interstates such as I 80 truck and big-rig accidents are quite common in California and frequently involve substantial injuries. Due to the size and weight of the trucks, the forces involved are substantially greater than most kinds of accidents. Approximately 170,000 people are injured in truck or big rig accidents every year. An average of 5000 trucks are involved in fatal accidents each year with California regularly being one of the top three states.

Large commercial trucks like eighteen wheelers can cause immense damage to cars, property and people in a fraction of a second. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 100,000 people in the United States were injured in large truck crashes in 2006 alone.

Weight and velocity play a major role in large truck accidents. Even at slow speeds, trucks and big-rigs can cause substantial damage to other vehicles. When commercial trucks collide with smaller passenger vehicles, the people riding in the passenger car typically suffer more severe injuries than the truck driver. According to recent statistics, occupants of the passenger car are approximately four times more likely than the truck driver to be killed or injured in an accident.

Physical injuries from truck accidents tend to be more severe than accidents involving other vehicles. It is common to see broken bones, severe back and neck injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, internal bleeding, and permanent disfigurement as a result of traffic collisions involving large commercial trucks or big-rigs. If the truck was transporting a flammable or hazardous substance, secondary injuries can occur including burns, respiratory problems and chemical exposure injuries. Contact us at 1 (800) 400-8742 for a free consultation.

Liability In Big Rig Accidents