Louis Beary



“Gravitas” was one of the Roman virtues. Loosely translated, it can be variously defined as substance, or depth of character. This depth of character is part of Lou’s appeal as an attorney, and is a trait valued by The Scranton Firm. Notwithstanding Lou’s gravitas and depth of character, victories for his clients are measured in terms of dollars. “All the lawyers I knew as a kid drove nice cars and played golf a lot.” Lou knows that his proven abilities as a litigator translate to dollars for his clients.

When asked, Lou’s fondest memories of law school were graduation and girls. Lou’s passion for practicing personal injury is unparalleled at The Scranton Law Firm. He reports that almost every day, he wakes up and races to work. Lou is a dedicated father and is a local boy who lives in and attended law school and college in the Bay Area. He enjoys fishing, scuba diving, and yes golf.Lou has extensive criminal and civil experience. He is equally comfortable in the litigation forum as he is in dispute resolution by way of mediation and arbitration.

“My clients feel my humanity, candor, and honesty from our first conversation. I enjoy helping people in need, particularly against insurance companies. Winning at trial and helping the good guy finish first are among the most gratifying moments of my career”

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