Muscle / Ligament Injury

Muscular injuries are often caused by trauma resulting in the release of blood inside the muscle. In mild cases, this simply results in bruising and will generally heal itself over time. In more serious cases, the muscle can be permanently damaged leading to reduced flexibility and other symptoms. A ligament is a tough band of fibrous tissue which connects bones to other bones. In Accidents such as traffic collisions, ligaments can be stretched, torn or even damaged beyond repair. If this happens, the underlying muscles can be weakened, nerves can become irritated and inflamed, and joints can become painful. Whiplash, a common Auto Accident injury, occurs when rapid and excessive movement of the head damages the ligaments supporting the neck. Muscle and ligament injuries are also common in other Vehicle Accidents, Slip And Fall Accidents, Recreational Sports Accidents, Construction Site Accidents, and Physical Battery Cases. In some cases, the symptoms do not appear at once, but can gradually reveal themselves in the form of numbness, sharp pains, or other problems. In serious cases, injuries to muscles and ligaments can require long term treatment, physical therapy or surgery.

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