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Looking For Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycles get more popular every year. Unfortunately the number of fatal motorcycle accidents is growing disproportionately to the number of new riders. Motorcycle riders face many unique challenges which drivers of other types of vehicles don’t have to deal with.

Motorcycles are smaller than cars and are often difficult to see because of other vehicles, road signs and obstacles, or weather conditions. Motorcycles lack many of the protections found in other vehicles such as air bags, safety belts and barriers between the road and the driver. As a result, when an accident happens, the injuries to the motorcycle rider and their passenger can be serious and often fatal.

Whether you have a small tissue claim from a minor accident, a major injury that forces you to miss work, or even a wrongful death claim of a family member or loved one our motorcycle accident lawyers can protect you from being taken advantage of by the insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident then the Scranton Law Firm can help. We have over 40 years of experience helping motorcycle accident victims and our motorcycle accident lawyers have recovered more then $500,000,000 for our injured clients. Contact us at 1 (800)-400-8742 for a free consultation.