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Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycles get more popular every year. Unfortunately the number of fatal motorcycle accidents is growing disproportionately to the number of new riders. Motorcycle riders face many unique challenges which drivers of other types of vehicles don’t have to deal with. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and are often difficult to see because of other vehicles, road signs and obstacles, or weather conditions. Motorcycles lack many of the protections found in other vehicles such as air bags, safety belts and barriers between the road and the driver. As a result, when an accident happens, the injuries to the motorcycle rider and their passenger can be serious and often fatal. Whether you have a small tissue claim from a minor accident, a major injury that forces you to miss work, or even a wrongful death claim of a family member or loved one a motorcycle accident lawyer can protect you from being taken advantage of by the insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident then the Scranton Law Firm can help. We have over 40 years of experience helping motorcycle accident victims and our accident lawyers have recovered more then $500,000,000 for our injured clients.Expert Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

If you have been in a motorcycle accident that involves personal injuries or serious property damage its best to contact a lawyer. The more severe the injuries the more important it is to speak with an experienced  accident lawyer about your case before accepting any settlement from the insurance companies.

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A Motorcycle Accident lawyer will handle all aspects of your case for you including but not limited to: dealing with insurance adjusters, helping you find/finance proper medical treatment, reducing or eliminating medical bills, hiring investigators and expert witnesses, dealing with leave from work, litigation… and much more

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When you have your first initial meeting with your motorcycle accident lawyer ideally you should have ready:

  • any medical records and any bills from the accident.
  • photos/videos or any other evidence from the accident.
  • a thorough timeline of events related to the accident.
  • any correspondences from insurance companies or other parties
  • any legal documents you have received.
  • a list of questions that you have about your accident.

A good motorcycle accident lawyer will not charge you anything to take your case. Accident cases are typically done on a contingency basis which means that you pay nothing out of pocket and the lawyer gets nothing until they win your case.

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If the driver of the other car was uninsured or the other driver fled the scene it is important to talk with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer because you may still be able to receive a settlement.

It is very hard for even the most skilled motorcycle accident lawyer to put a value on a case with out hearing all of the facts. Valuing a personal injury case can be very difficult due to the number of variables involved. If you want to find out about how much your case is worth its best to set up a a consultation and get them all the details of your case.

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Some time minor injures turn in to major injuries down the road if you were in a relatively minor accident but still received injures then its best to contact a lawyer to see how best to deal with your situation. With a free consultation you have nothing to lose.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident there is two types of settlements involved that are both handled separately and slightly differently. You have: The Personal Injury Claim – this is the settlement for injuries received due to your accident. The Personal Damage Claim – this is the settlement for damages done to your vehicle and personal property during the accident. The settlement process for your motorcycle accident begins immediately following your accident and ends when you have received a check to compensate you for your injuries and losses. In return you will sign a release of your right to make any further injury claims as a result of your accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Did you know that almost all of our lawsuits are filed against insurance companies not against individuals. This is why we are required to have insurance on our vehicles. Most accident claims will never turn in to a lawsuit but will be settled out of court. You have every right to handle your case on your own however with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side you can lower the chances of having to file a lawsuit at all. If your case does not settle and you are forced to file a lawsuit you will be at an extreme disadvantage with out a lawyer. The insurance company you are up against will definitely have an attorney representing them.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Fees

There should be no upfront fees if you are dealing with an experienced accident attorney. Most all motorcycle accident cases are taken on a contingency basis meaning that the client pays nothing and that the lawyer takes his fees from the final settlement. Your lawyer will generally front all the expenses for your case which can be very costly especially if you go to trial. Your lawyer will pay for investigators, expert witnesses, cover all filing fees and other court fees, and will help you with any other expenses accrued because of your accident. Contact us at 1 (800)-400-8742 for a free consultation.
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