La Juan Renee (Andrews) Davis




La Juan Renee (Andrews) Davis was born in San Francisco. La Juan graduated with a high school diploma from George Washington High School, San Francisco, CA at the age of seventeen. She attended City College of San Francisco and State University of San Francisco. When La Juan was eighteen she migrated to Los Angeles to attend Cal State Fullerton. She took a three-month leave of absence to go Japan to teach Japanese how to dance. Attorney Hugh Breckenridge, whose deceased now, inspired her to go higher in the legal field and encouraged her to go law school. She attended a pilot program for paralegals and she became a Certified Legal Secretary. From there she attended Western University College of Law for one year. At the time, she conceived and had to withdraw from law school.

In 2009, she relocated to East Bay area. In 2012, motivated by her grandmother, she attended Heald Business College and graduated with a Paralegal Certificate. Immediately thereafter, she enrolled at John F. Kennedy College of Law for two years. Eventually, she started working for various temporary agencies with the hopes of being hired. Seeking employment close to home, she landed on full-time job at Scranton Law Firm located in Concord, California.