Chrystie Sargent



Chrystie Sargent is a triple threat receptionist. She can sing, dance and type. When she isn’t answering phones and sorting mail she can be found tapping at her keyboard, pulling reports, and working on a variety of documents. Chrystie has an amazing range of talent including balancing schedules and calendaring events. Her customer service is Broadway-worthy as she possesses a sort of je ne sais quoi.

Although much of her time is spent gracefully twirling or multi-tasking through her daily duties, she also enjoys taking a break for a piping hot cup of coffee. This receptionist diva has toured all over the United States, parts of Canada, the United Kingdom, and Haiti. She currently resides in the Bay Area where she is currently mentoring future generations. Chrystie has been with the Scranton Law Firm for 4 years. She welcomes you to stop in for assistance with your legal needs, or partake in a duet. Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!