Brain Injury Attorney

A head injury can be traumatic, and a traumatic brain injury can be devastating for accident victims and their families. Many head injuries typically cannot be seen on MRI scans or X-rays. It is vitally important that victims who are coping with a traumatic brain injury receive proper rehabilitation, medical attention and legal representation.
Scranton Law Firm is comprised of experienced traumatic brain injury attorney. We work with neurologists and surgeons throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure that our clients get the care that they need. Contact a traumatic brain injury attorney at our firm for a free consultation.

Some Symptoms of a Brain Injury:

Short-term memory loss
Long-term memory loss
Chronic headaches
Personality changes
Blurred vision
Sleep disruption

Cases involving traumatic brain injury tend to be of longer duration due to the healing rate of each individual. Some victims do not get back to full capacity for years. Early care from medical professionals is essential to recovery.

If you or a loved one have sustained a traumatic brain injury, it is imperative to have a brain injury attorney on your side. Call the Scranton Law Firm at 1 (800)-400-8742

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