Blythe Tour Bus Crash Kills Four

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Four people were killed in Blythe, California on May 21 when the bus they were traveling in left the highway and rolled over as the driver attempted to avoid steel pipes in the road. The 2:15 a.m. accident occurred on Interstate 10, near the Arizona border.

The chain reaction began when an 18-wheeler failed to safely pass a slower vehicle and was forced into the center highway divider. The impact caused the truck’s load of steel pipes to become dislodged and spill onto the roadway. This led to several cars crashing into one another and the bus eventually rolling over.

The bus, which had departed from El Paso, Texas at 5:45 p.m. the previous evening, was heading west at 40 miles per hour when the accident occurred. It was expected to arrive in Los Angeles at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 21.

The bus company’s president stated that the driver was not at fault, as he was unable to stop the vehicle in time for a safe exit procedure and was forced off the road, through a fence and down an embankment. The president added no allegations have been made regarding the the safety record of the bus or its operating company. He emphasized that passenger safety was the top priority.

There was a driver switch in Phoenix for the bus, so fatigue was not an issue in the accident. Neither the bus driver nor the truck driver was injured in the crash.

Helicopters were used to transport the severely injured to several local hospitals. The bus company sent out charters to help the remaining passengers complete their trip. Chaplains were sent to the scene to provide support to everyone involved.

The accident closed Interstate 10 in both directions for 16 hours. Traffic was able to bypass the scene by using frontage roads on both sides of the highway.

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Photo Courtesy Of:The LA Times

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