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Bicycle accident

Accident Injury

If you have suffered an accident injury, the Scranton Law Firm can help. The Scranton Law Firm has been advocating for those injured injured in accidents in California for over 43 years. We fight zealously to protect the rights of our clients and the value of their accident injury claims. We have handled thousands of accident injury cases and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

Our firm is an accident injury law firm. Our lawyers are accident injury lawyers. Helping people that have suffered from accident injuries is all we do. Our firm handles all types of accident injury claims including the following:

Auto Accident Injury

Automobile accidents occur frequently in the United States. In fact, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that car accidents occur approximately every 10 seconds. More than half of these accidents result in personal injury to the persons involved. Auto accidents are the leading cause of accident injury claims. Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in all types of auto accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Injury

Motorcycle accidents are common in the State of California. The NHTSA reports that the number of motorcycle accident deaths has increased for nine years straight. Motorcyclists account for more than 11% of all vehicle accident fatalities and the number of fatal motorcycle crashes increased by 127% between the years of 1997 and 2006. When there are accidents involving motorcycles, personal injury to the riders almost always occurs. Our firm represents individuals who have suffered from an accident injury in motorcycle accidents.

Truck Accident Injury

An average of 5,000 semi trucks are involved in fatal collisions every year. California regularly in the top three states for these types of accidents. Large commercial trucks such as 18 wheelers cause severe damage to cars, property and people. This can all happen in a fraction of a second. According to the NHTSA, over 100,000 people suffered an accident injury in large truck crashes in the United States in 2006. Our accident injury attorneys are experienced in recovering accident injury damages suffered in truck accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

Many motorists do not share roads with cyclists and accident injury from bicycle accidents occur. The number of individuals riding bikes has increased in recent years. So has the number of traffic accidents involving automobiles and bicyclists. According to the NHTSA, in 2012 49,000 bicyclists sustained accident injuries in traffic accidents in the United States. Of these, 796 were killed. A person on a bike is not adequately protected, if an accident does occur, accident injury to the cyclist can be severe. The Scranton Law Firm is knowledgeable and experienced in helping bicycle accident victims recover for personal injuries that resulted from the accident.

Boat and Jet Ski Accident Injury

California State Parks’ Division of Boating and Waterways reports that in 2001, alcohol was a factor in 39% of all motorboat fatalities. Operator inattention is also one of the main causes of boat and jet ski accidents. Accidents and near-accidents involving boats and jet skis have caused nationwide concern for improving the safety in personal watercraft operation. Our accident injury boat and jet ski accident attorneys are ready to help you recover for the accident injury you have suffered in a boat or jet ski accident.

Bus Accident Injury

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, from 2002 through 2012, the number of buses involved in fatal accidents increased to 251 from 245. Approximately 125,000 people experienced accident injury in large truck and bus accidents in 2012. If you have sustained accident injury in a bus accident, get the advice of an experienced accident injury bus accident attorney right away. Call The Scranton Law Firm for a free consultation.

Train Accident Injury

Accident injury involving trains range from a simple slip and fall to collisions causing death. Accidents can occur on any kind of train whether the train is hauling freight, chemicals, or passengers. Train riders, employees, people at the station, and innocent bystanders can all sustain personal injury involving trains. Rail crossings are a common scene of train accidents. If you have an accident injury that was caused in a train accident, call the train accident personal injury lawyers at our firm.

Airplane Accident Injury

Of the most serious airline accidents, are airplane accidents involving in-air collisions and those that happen during take offs and landings. Airplane accidents often result in significant personal injury and death. Personal injury can also be caused by turbulence, falling luggage or unsafe airport facilities. If you have an accident injury that was caused in an airplane accident, call the airplane accident injury lawyers at The Scranton Law Firm.

Construction Accident Injury

Construction is a hazardous profession. Every year, the California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health receives reports of accident injuries and deaths involving construction accidents. A majority of construction site accident injuries are preventable when due care and caution is exercised. Even with all the federal, state, and local regulations, inspection requirements and industry standards, serious and life-threatening accident injury still occurs. Construction accidents typically involve complex legal issues that require the skill of a knowledgeable and experienced accident injury attorney. Call us today for a free consultation.

Defective Medical Device Accident Injury

Unfortunately, not all designers, manufacturers and sellers of products provide products that are safe and provide warning of potential dangers of product use. Our mission in pursuing product liability accident injury cases is to obtain compensation for our accident injury clients as well as to create an incentive for designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to produce safe products and provide adequate warning of the dangers of their products. If you have an accident injury that was caused by a defective medical, call the defective medical device personal injury lawyers at our firm.

Dog Bite Accident Injury

California leads the United States in fatal dog attacks. Children are many times the victims. Approximately 70% of the victims of fatal dog attacks are children under the age of 12. Senior citizens and postal workers are common victims of accident injury and death involving dog bites and attacks. It is estimated that nearly one-third of all homeowner insurance claims stem from accident injuries related to dog bites. Unfortunately, this problem is getting worse in California. If you have an accident injury that was caused by a dog bite or dog attack, call the dog bite personal injury lawyers at The Scranton Law Firm.

Public Transportation Accident Injury

Public Transportation Departments involved in accidents that are caused by negligence may be held liable for accident injury damages. In accidents involving accident injury related to public transportation, you can file an individual lawsuit for damages in civil court. Damages can include but are not limited to compensation for actual medical expenses, loss of income, impairment of earning capacity, property loss or damage, and pain and suffering. If you have an accident injury that was caused by a public transportation accident, call the public transportation accident personal injury lawyers at our firm.

Slip and Fall Accident Injury

Accident injury from slip and fall accidents can range from a minor accident injury to serious trauma. Injuries such as sprains, bruises, and pulled muscles are not life threatening but can still be painful and require medical attention and treatment. This is especially true for elderly people. More serious slip and fall injuries such as broken bones, back injuries, head trauma and neck injuries require immediate medical attention. Injuries from slip and fall accidents may not be obvious immediately and symptoms may develop or progressively worsen over time. If you have an accident injury that was caused by a slip and fall accident, call the slip and fall accident injury attorneys at The Scranton Law Firm.

Sports and Recreational Accident Injury

Accident injury can happen in all types of sporting and recreational activities such as horseback riding, swimming, boating, biking, golf, softball, football, skiing, and motorsports. Many minor injuries are common and even expected in these types of activities. If a sports and recreational accident injury is caused by someone else’s negligence or by a defective product, you may be able to recover damages from the responsible parties. Lawsuits are often filed against manufacturers of sports equipment, property owners, event organizers and negligent and reckless individuals for injuries suffered while participating in sports and recreational activities. If liability can be established, you may be able receive compensation for your accident injuries. If you have an accident injury that was caused by a sports or recreational accident, call the sports and recreational accident injury attorneys at our firm.

Pedestrian Accident Injury

Causation is often a disputed element in pedestrian accident cases. At fault drivers often claim the victim jumped out in front of their car or that the pedestrian did not look before walking into the street or parking lot. Determining the actual cause of a pedestrian accident can be difficult. It is critical to preserve whatever evidence is available. The tactful and experienced pedestrian accident injury attorneys at our law firm will use witness statements, traffic camera images, photographs, accident reconstruction experts and other scientific techniques to help establish causation.

Swimming Accident Injury

Swimming pool accidents are often the outcome of property owners failing to take reasonable safety measures to keep children from falling in swimming pools. Typical causes of swimming related accidents include failing to properly maintain the pool area, defective pool designs, and failure to adequately supervise pool users or employees. Drowning is the most serious accident injury sustained in swimming accidents followed by broken bones, head injuries, back and neck injuries. If you have suffered an accident injury in a swimming related accident, call us today for a free consultation.

Accident Injury Practice at The Scranton Law Firm

Car wrecks, motorcycle collisions, truck accidents, bus crashes, injuries on airplanes and watercraft. If you were injured by or while operating any type of vehicle, our accident injury law firm can help you to obtain monetary compensation. Our accident injury lawyers have helped thousands of accident injury victims recover just compensation.

If you have been hurt on the job, the accident attorneys at The Scranton Law Firm can help. We have handled numerous work-related injury cases. Our reputation proves that we always make sure our clients awarded every dime they are entitled to. No matter if your work related accident injury is caused by mechanical error or negligence, our accident injury attorneys will help you to resolve your case.

Every year thousands of dangerous and defective products are recalled. Oftentimes it may be too late. If you or a loved one have been harmed by a defective product, our legal team will fight to see that you are adequately compensated. Whether pursuing litigation on behalf of an individual or part of a class action lawsuit, our accident injury attorneys remain committed to your case. No matter what kind of accident injury you suffered, if someone else caused it, the Scranton Law Firm is here to help.

We take all types of accident injury cases, big or small. Call us today at 1 (800)-400-8742 for a free case evaluation. Our accident injury attorneys are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.